Crunchy rusks

We were so busy today playing, learning and cooking and having fun as our week of Kids in the Kitchen comes to an end. Boohoo! Today we went outside early so that we could come back, eat our snack and then start cooking. We spent so much time eating as this is what happens when you are a chef and like the food that you cook or prepare. Outside as you can see from the photos one of our favourite thing is sliding down the yellow slide together with our friends. We sit behind one another, hold onto each other’s tummies and away we go….wheeee! We do this over and over and never seem to get tired of it. We change places with one another so we can have turns being in the front or holding onto one another from the back or the middle. The person at the back has to be quite strong as they have to help push us down and still hold onto the person in front of them. Sometimes our teachers had to give us a little push to help us on our way. When we returned to school, we ate our snack and some of us had some fruit shake from yesterday. Nico, Sui and Renshi especially loved drinking the shake which they sipped through a straw. After washing our hands and putting on our chefs hats, we were ready to roll! Shoko chan was at school today and she enjoyed having new friends who were so kind to her and wanted to help her.

Shelley showed us a bag and we looked really carefully to see what was inside. Some of us knew that it was bread. When she took a piece out of the bag, we noticed that it was a square shape. We each had a plate with a piece of bread on it and a plastic knife. There were two bowls in the middle of the table; one had peanut butter in it and the other had jam inside. Shelley used to bake these with the children in her class when she was still living in South Africa which is a loooooong time ago. She was surprised because most of us chose to spread the jam on our bread and only Maddie chose the peanut butter. Our job was to spread it all over the bread into all the corners so that we couldn’t see the white part. Then our teachers cut it into fingers just like the fingers on our hands. We have four fingers and one thumb which makes five; our bread was cut into four fingers. When the oven was hot enough, they went inside and some of us saw how the spreads were bubbling and the bread was changing colour. When the bread was dark brown, we took it out of the oven and waited for it to cool before we ate it. Oh my goodness, it was so delicious. We all ate everything up and left nothing on our plates. When we were finished eating we put our plates and knives into the sink. We are not sure if real chefs do this but we think that it is good to help clean up after we have eaten.

We read books in the library and then Shelley read us a story called “Brown Bear”. In fact we helped her read the story as it is repetitive and we learnt the words really quickly. On each page there was a beautiful animal in a specific colour and we asked them “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” or “Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?” In the end we asked our friends and teachers the same question e.g. “Finn, Finn what do you see?” We all had different answers which were fun to listen to. Finn saw a blue horse, Maddie saw a purple cat, Renshi saw a white dog, Shelley saw children etc.

We spent some time playing on the mat with toys and puzzles and we also enjoyed drawing and cutting at the office table. We sang songs in the morning and worked out which day of the week it was. We counted seven fingers for the song “There are seven days in a week”; we did actions to “When you’re happy and you know it”; we tapped our knees and winked our eyes to “Everybody tapping” and it was a fun day at Ohana. We look forward to seeing our friends tomorrow and welcome back our other friends for a new theme next week.

Thanks for a great day everyone!

Love Shelley and Darren