The Ohana Curriculum

In the creation of Ohana International School in Tokyo’s curriculum we have included the ideals and philosophies of many early childhood theorists as well as new up-to-date information about children, their potential and ability to learn.

We have also taken into consideration the importance of both academics and the emotionalisation and socialisation of children in their early years. We believe that young children are active learners who construct their own knowledge and understanding of the world, and that play is central to this. Environment and social interactions serve as scaffolds whereby children progress to higher levels of development, become self-motivated, and develop the ability to make their own choices.

Our commitment to the children in our Tokyo preschool is to provide materials and a learning environment together with exceptional, skilled, loving and caring teachers who are qualified educators. The basics of our curriculum follow the notion that:

                                             THE OHANA CHILD MAP

                                             THE OHANA CHILD MAP

• The child is communicating.
• The child is creating.
• The child is socializing.
• The child is physical and active.
• The child is thinking, investigating, exploring, and problem solving.
• The child has feelings and is emotional.
• The child is spiritual and has morals.

The age-appropriate programme in each classroom is designed by the teachers, who work closely together with the Directors in order to fulfill the philosophy and “live the soul” of our Tokyo preschool. Our curriculum encourages the child to become openminded, well-balanced, principled, risk-taking, thinking, caring, knowledgeable, reflective, inquiring, curious, appreciative, empathic, independent, respectful, committed, enthusiastic, and tolerant.

As an international preschool in Tokyo, we embrace many aspects of Japanese culture. Teachers speak English and Japanese, as well as other languages, proficiently. We celebrate special days from all over the world, and have “respecting and embracing difference” at the core of our existence, and therefore support children through the language that is comfortable for them, while facilitating mastery of English.

Children with special needs are welcome at our Tokyo preschool. We have experienced staff with relevant qualifications and work with a network of specialists when necessary.