Honey Joys

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring” We don’t know if the old man is or was snoring but it rained for almost the entire time that wewere at school today. We spent many hours inside doing fun things and we also had time to play with the trains downstairs on the second floor. The train set was given to us as a gift from a friend of Shelley’s and it is about 25 years old and all the parts are in good condition. The only problem is that the trains do not work 100%. Shelley and Darren were talking about whether they should buy some new ones as it would be fun for us to have a few more trains that work. The blue one is the only one that really works properly. Nevertheless we had fun and let the battery run over and over, even when the trains were not on the track. One of our favourite tracks in the set, is the one that has a boom gate. When the train goes past it, the booms go down and it makes the exact same noise as it does here in Japan in real life.

During the earlier part of the day, we worked on trying to fix our really tall tower that we built yesterday. It was in two pieces when we came to school this morning so we put it together so that it was only one piece. It is still a little fragile so we have to be careful when we are playing with it. Sui and Renshi worked really hard on piecing it together again, with Darren.

We sat and read books and each of our teachers told a story. Laura read to Sui, Shelley read to Nico and Darren read to Renshi and Finn. We love having stories read to us and it was nice to be able to choose a book ourselves and have someone read it to us. And what about our cooking you may be asking. Of course this is the most important part of the day! We first had a morning circle with singing and talking. We sang our days of the week songs and all had a turn to correct the chart. Today was a rainy day and it was the 17th June 2011. It was so funny because it said that the season is summer but it was a cool day and didn’t really feel like summer. We hope that next week it will be warmer.

What was on the menu for today? Honey joys. Honey joys are an Australian favourite. The ingredients are cornflakes, sugar, honey and some butter. You can even add cocoa powder to change the flavor but today we made the traditional ones without cocoa. Shelley showed us margarine which was hard and she told us that it was a solid. Then she went to the kitchen, put it in the microwave and hey presto…..it was a liquid and it was hot. She poured the liquid into a pot and we added sugar, honey and cornflakes and mixed everything together. We all had turns to mix. While we were mixing we noticed that the light in the small oven was on and it was getting hot. When we had finished mixing everything together, we put the mixture into cup cake holders and filled them up as much as we can. We made 13 in total. They went into the oven and we had to look at the clock and see when the big hand was on the ten; then we had to shout, “The honey joys are ready!” We were so lucky because we had one to eat and one to take home and share with our families. They were sooooo delicious and so easy to make. Some of us were nibbling on the plain cornflakes while we were waiting for the honey joys to be cooked.

At the office table we had many different kinds of scissors on a round spinning rack. All the blades on the scissors make patterns when you cut with them. Some of us spent time cutting scrap pieces of paper and pasted them onto another piece of paper, like a puzzle. We were amazed to see the different lines that they made on the paper. They were all bumpy and not straight like a regular pair of scissors. Today was the last day of our week of “Kids in the Kitchen” and next week will be a new theme. This one is called “Cool Construction”. Mmmmmm, I wonder what we will be making!

We hope that you all have a great weekend

Love Shelley and Darren