About Us

The Ohana Mission

At Ohana International School of Tokyo, we aim to teach the children in our care how to live in the community, embrace difference, and be honorable citizens in the global world.

We all have the ability to achieve academically. Combining this with love, respect, honesty, and the ability to express ones thoughts openly and truthfully, we are certain that we have the right ingredients for the success of our children and their families.

We are fully aware of the enormous responsibility that we have in providing the best possible care physically, emotionally, socially and morally for the children and families who are in our care. We honor the fact that parents have chosen our school — out of all the international preschools in Tokyo — for their child’s early years of learning. When children graduate from Ohana International School in Tokyo we want them to leave as confident, independent individuals with good self-esteem. We want them to trust who they are and know that they have the potential to go forward in their lives and achieve whatever they aspire to be.

We are proud of our goals, guidelines and commitment to Early Childhood Education; the future of the children in our care and the future of the global community that we are all a part of.


We aim to achieve our mission through:

1) Promoting each child’s development in the areas of Fine and Gross Motor skills, Speech and Language skills, Sensory skills, Social and Emotional abilities, and Cognitive and Academic abilities.

2) The use of eco-friendly equipment — all furniture, classroom and office materials are either sourced from eco-friendly companies or constructed directly from recycled sources.

3) Eco-friendly activities — children sort garbage each day into appropriate containers and wherever possible, things are reused in an environmentally friendly way. In this way, children learn how to take care of the environment and the world that we live in.

3) The promotion of Japanese culture through activities such as Taiko drumming, so that children learn to respect and honor the country that we all live in.

4) Parent educational workshops — guiding parents and helping them understand Early Childhood Development and appropriate teaching practices in the broader community.

5) Technology for young children and the benefits of using computers for learning together with traditional materials.

6) World class staff — only trained Early Childhood teachers and assistants with experience in Early Childhood settings will be employed. We aim to pay world class salaries and want quality educators working in our Tokyo preschool.

7) We aim to prove that we are a world class educational institution with the principles, morals, ethics and ideals of educational institutions recognized all around the world.

We want to be an example to every Japanese preschool, of how to raise the bar and truly operate as a school in this wonderful country.



Shelley Sacks
Ohana International School