Fruit shakes

It was another busy day in the kitchen for the teachers and children at Ohana today. Today’s menu was “fruit shakes” and we remembered buying a selection of fruit at the supermarket on Monday. We bought bananas, oranges, watermelon and apple. We also bought yoghurt and soy milk. When we arrived in the morning the table was laid with so many different things and in the middle, we noticed a machine. It was made of glass so we could see inside it and Darren explained to us that it is sharp like a knife and spins round and round and converts things from solids to liquids. The solids that we used today were the fruit and when we pushed the button, the fruit became a liquid. So instead of eating the fruit, we drank the fruit shake. We have many photos of us cutting the bananas, de-seeding (we used a plastic knife and took the seeds out of the watermelon), chopping the apples and Shelley peeled the orange and cut it into small pieces. Darren showed us the seeds that were inside the apple and we realized that if you plant those seeds, you can grow an apple tree. All fruits have seeds and we can plant them in a garden and grow our own fruit trees, however they will take a really long time to grow.

We shared chopping boards and we had to remember not to put our fingers in our mouths which is natural for us to do; especially when we have food on them!  The last two ingredients that we added to the blender were yoghurt and ice cubes. The ice cubes made it really cold. When we blended the fruit it was not so noisy but when we crushed the ice, it was so noisy. Some of us had our hands on our ears. We enjoyed making our fruit shakes and some of us drank them all up during snack time. We had them together with our snacks on our return from the park.

Our time in the park was filled with plenty of climbing. Almost all of us spent time climbing on the tube like climbing frame and we all climbed right through from one end to the other. You can see from the photos that we are really brave and even though we were a little anxious, our teachers were there to help us and encourage us to persevere until the very end. We felt supported by them all the time which motivated us to continue to the end. Jamie also had fun blowing bubbles and popping them. He was so good at blowing through the bubble blower and blew thousands of bubbles that floated all the way up to the sky.

We spent some time reading books in the library after snack time and Shelley read the second “Knuffle Bunny” book to us. This time Trixie took her Knuffle Bunny to school and there was a little bit of a problem. Another girl Sophia also had a Knuffle Bunny and when it was time to go home, the teacher gave the wrong one to the girls. Trixie realized this at 2.30am when her parents were sleeping and the whole of New York was sleeping! We won’t tell you the end!

At another of our activity tables, we had tiny beads with boards in different shapes and we could place the beads on however we wanted to. Finn chose to make his name all by himself and he did a fantastic job of it. He was not sure how to make the “n” so he took one of the letters from the word making board and copied it. Our teachers took a photo of it so that he could have picture of it and keep it.

Just before lunch time we played with our friends on the mat and had some free play time because we didn’t really have time this morning. We went outside to the park a lot earlier than usual because our teachers thought it would be too hot later in the day. Four of us sat together and played with the balls and the toy that spins them round and round inside. We never know where the balls are going to come out and we had a beautiful time sharing with one another. If we had more than one ball, we would give it to the child who didn’t have one. We spent a long time playing here and laughing together. We tried to guess where the balls would come out and sometimes we were correct. We will see you tomorrow for another “Kids in the Kitchen” day at Ohana.

Love Shelley and Darren