Magic pictures

Thursday 14th June 2012 What a beautiful day it was today. Although the day started cloudy and a little cold the sun soon came out and we were able to go the park and enjoy the warmth. We experienced the opposite temperature first thing in the classroom as the teachers had brought out the animals we put in the freezer yesterday with water. It was so cold and we could see the animals clearly through the ice. We tasted the water too and it was freezing but tasted good. We then added some salt to the melting ice and it froze and looked just like snow for a short time too. On the same table we saw there were sheets of paper with paint brushes and two containers with a small amount of liquid in them. It was colorless and when we tried to paint a picture on the paper with it we couldn’t see anything. Darren then told us to try smelling the liquid and at first we thought it was orange juice but then realized it was actually fresh lemon juice. It smelled nice but we still couldn’t see it on the paper. Darren then told us it was ‘magic lemon juice’ and later when it had dried he would make the ‘magic’ pictures we had painted appear. After we had cleared away all the toys we had our snack with our friends and then went to the carpet to try a few songs and games with our hands. We even tried the ‘round and round the garden like a teddy bear’ song with our friends sitting next to us. We then all got down flat on the carpet and put one of our hands into the middle to do a big ‘round and round the garden like a teddy bear’ song and laughed when we were tickled. In the library we listened to a story called ‘You are just too small’ about a little pig whose family tells her she is too small to help around the house but at the end they need her help. She soon returns home to a happy welcome. In circle time we had three fun activities which we all tried in groups of four. The first activity involved our large tank of water and seaweed again. We were given plastic rings with very thin paper in them which we used to try and catch the bouncy balls floating around on the surface. The balls turned out to be heavier than we thought and the paper tore so we couldn’t catch them. We were very successful in catching the seaweed floating in the tank however even though it felt a bit slippery on our fingers. The second activity we tried was the ‘magic picture’ we did first thing in the morning with the lemon juice. The pictures had dried and we couldn’t see anything on the paper except our pencil names at the top. The teachers then told us we were able to come into the entrance to the kitchen but also told us all about safety and not to use our hands to touch anything. Darren then showed us our pictures one by one and then put it over the heat. It was amazing, our pictures suddenly appeared on the paper and we all cheered and laughed. We also went to the library for our third activity where Rachel read a wonderful book titled ‘A color of his own’. We love this book and have read it several times before. In the park today we used the long plastic sticks to draw in the sand which was great fun. We drew helicopters, Anpan-man, trees, and flowers. It was very warm and we enjoyed the sunshine and our friends company. Love always Darren, Kana, Rachel and Miyuki