Things we can't see

Friday 15th June 2012 We started off the morning together on the third floor this morning and saw lots of colored paint and paper on the table. We could free paint whatever we wanted and had real fun mixing the colors on the paper. The brushes were quite small so we were able to fit lots of colors and shapes on the paper. The trains and larger vehicles were very popular this morning on the carpet with many children enjoying the fire trucks, airplanes and helicopters. When the last of us children had arrived we split into 2 groups, one upstairs and one downstairs. When those of us that went to the second floor arrived we saw a large ‘floor piano’ lying on the carpet. When Darren switched it on it made a big sound and when we walked along it music came from our footsteps. We even tried changing the sound from piano to trumpet, harp and a few other instrument sounds. We were soon all going in a circle together across the piano and laughing aloud. After we cleared away the toys and had snack Miyuki read two great books titled ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘The Car Trip’ to us which we loved. We looked at the funny pictures of the cat with lots of things on his hat which made us all smile. We then all got together on the 3rd floor for some fun together. There were 14 of us today and so we all tried to sit on the edge of the carpet so we could all see our friend’s faces. We all went very quiet for a while and tried to listen to the sounds around us and if we listened really carefully we heard children in the park nearby, cars and some crows. We then wanted to sing some songs with the teachers and Darren let us choose by putting up our hands. We sang ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’, the ‘ABC’ song, and then our ‘Hello’ song with our friends. It was such fun dancing together and we had one of our favourite songs ‘The Monkey Song’ which we helped our friends do the actions to. In our circle time we learned all about things we cannot see. We started off by showing the teachers and our friends both of our hands and then putting one of them behind our backs. Darren then asked:

“Can you see my other hand”? and we all said

“No, it’s behind your back”.

“Is it still there, or has it disappeared”

“It’s still there”

Darren then showed us a balloon which he blew up and said:

“What’s inside this”

“Nothing we replied”

We then helped him put some smelly brown liquid into an empty plastic bottle When we sniffed the liquid it turned out to be vinegar. Darren then asked for one of us to help him pour some of the vinegar and a white powder called baking soda into the bottle. It fizzed and popped inside the bottle and when we put the balloon over the top of the bottle it started to blow up all by itself. We couldn’t see anyone inside the bottle blowing and then the teachers told us it is something called a ‘Gas’. We were then amazed to see a metal ball which the teachers put on the top of a sheet of newspaper. When we lifted the newspaper the ball stayed in place. We could even turn it upside down and the ball didn’t fall down. The ball then began moving like magic and Darren then showed us that actually there was something on the other side of the sheet of newspaper, a magnet. The magnet and the ball were sticking together and when we moved them apart they moved together again even though there was nothing we could see helping them. We loved the next part as we got the chance to see if we could make the air move and blow a bubble. We were so happy as we took lots of bubble materials to the park and blew lots of bubbles which we loved chasing. We had such a fun day and had a great time.

Love always Darren, Kana, Rachel, Goh, Ayaka and Miyuki