Box of Fun

Wednesday 13th June 2012, We all had another fun day today in the classroom with our friends. There were lots of new things out to play with and we really enjoyed ourselves. On the carpet we noticed there were some strange one legged stools called ‘T-Stools’ which we wanted to try. It was quite tricky to sit on them without help and there were 4 different heights. We learned that if we put the stool behind us and then crouched down and took hold of the edges with our hands then stood up we could gently position ourselves correctly to sit down. It took a little bit of practice and once we had got our balance we could let go with our hands for a few seconds too. This was quite a challenge but we were successful. We also had the chance to use lots of markers, pastels and crayons on the table on large sheets of white paper which was great. We could draw whatever we wanted but soon noticed that the markers would not go over the top of the pastels or crayons we had already put on the paper…. strange but Darren said maybe it had something to do with the experiment with oil and water not mixing yesterday. Maybe the markers used water while the pastels and crayons had oil? After eating snacks together we then saw a huge cardboard box on the carpet area along with a smaller one. These were so much fun and we could climb in and out and hide from our friends. There wasn’t much room for too many of us and so Darren helped lift us and we were able to get 6 of us in the big one at the same time. It was a little cramped and so we didn’t stay in too long. In the library we listened to a book all about color called “A color of my own”. This is a great story about a chameleon who doesn’t want to keep changing colors and wants to have a color of his own. He tries many different things to try and remain one color but eventually meets another chameleon who becomes his friend and he changes color happily forever after. We then did our good morning song and Kana had a surprise for us. She made us all close our eyes and count to ten. When we opened our eyes we saw there were lots of plastic animals trapped in something clear which we were all able to touch. It was ice and was very cold. We knew it was made from water and licked our fingers to see if it was ‘ice cream’ but it wasn’t. The ice was melting a little and this was a new word for some of us so we had a try at saying it several times. The animals were all different colors and we then moved to the table where we could see more of them laid out for us to choose. We worked in pairs and when the teachers asked us to select an animal which was red, blue, green, or yellow we put them one by one into a plastic glove, a plastic cup, a bowl and a balloon. We then filled them with water from the big tank and put them in the freezer to see if they would freeze. The park was fun too as we had a little more time today to play. Drawing pictures on the sand with the plastic sticks was very popular today along with the ‘elephant’s feet’ toys. These are very good for our balance and hand and foot coordination so we tried and tried. We know tomorrow is going to be a great day too.

Love always Darren, Kana, Goh, Rachel, and Miyuki