Marching into March!

We marched into March today enjoying the warmer temperatures and a wonderful opportunity to go outside and play. We had so much fun that when our teachers told us that we need to start to pack away to go inside, many of us told them that we were still playing. Of course we helped tidy up and maybe when the temperatures get even warmer, we will have more opportunity to play outside in the park for longer periods of time. Many of us wanted to sit on the swings and feel the air blowing in our faces, so we sat on the wall and waited for a turn. We had lots of chats while we were waiting and this was also fun. Miya is really good at swinging by herself and so is Nico. She remembered that you make your legs straight when you go forwards and bend them and your body, when you go back. Noah too knows how to swing by himself. Look at our smiling faces! Our teachers love us so much and this makes us feel happy each day. At the activity tables, we decorated hearts for Gento’s birthday which is at the end of the month. We like to be prepared and have things ready before hand. At the other activity tables, we put plastic letters into containers and tried to see if we could recognize any of the letters. Noah and Nico can find the letters of their names and Miya also knows hers.  We love painting and Kana does many of these activities in the classroom. Today we prepared for our theme for this month which is “Growth and New Beginnings”. We painted a white piece of paper three colours; brown at the bottom; green in the middle and blue on the top. Maybe you are wondering why these colours. Well, brown is for the earth where you plant seeds; green is for the grass and blue is for the sky. We will be making individual works of art, once we have spoken in more detail about planting, growth and how roots anchor trees and plants under the earth so that they don’t fall over. During circle time, we played “put your hands on your…………..” We closed our eyes and looked through our fingers. We stroked our necks and pulled funny faces and we put our hands on our knees and then held them together. We started off by doing this slowly and then went faster and faster. We played another game where we had to copy actions.

We did actions to and sang “Do the monkey”. You can see in the photos what we look like when we sing this song. We go “Ooh, ah” and bang on our chests like a gorilla which is a member of the monkey or ape family. We also played the “freeze” game and stood still like a statue when the music stopped. We read stories about bugs because in spring, many of them come out of their cocoons or hatch from their eggs as they prefer the warmer weather. They will be a part of our theme this month too. The books all come from a series called “Who’s there?” There is “The fiddling cricket”; “The beautiful butterfly” and “The little ladybug”. The fiddling cricket played the fiddle which is similar to a violin so we did pretended we were playing the violin; for the beautiful butterfly, we made our hands look like a butterfly and we landed on our friends who were the flowers; and for the little ladybug, we pretended we put up an umbrella as ladybugs don’t like to get wet as it spoils their wings. Tomorrow we will all be together with Darren, Kana and Goh. Thanks for a great day!

Love Shelley, Darren, and Kana