Egg, Caterpillar, Cocoon and Butterfly

Friday 2ndst March, 2012 We had such an enjoyable day with all our friends from the 2nd and 3rd floors together in one class. Unfortunately it started to rain so we couldn’t go to the park today but we had a lot of fun inside instead!  Shelley was not at school today and we missed her so much and hope to see her on Monday morning. Tokutaro, Noa, Miya, Shoko and Gento set up a table together to eat while Goh San showed us how to make Chinese food at the play stove. It tasted really good and we all wanted to try to cook for our friends. On the table we did some more hearts for Gento’s birthday and helped the teachers write nice ‘happy birthday’ messages to him. We all helped each other put away the toys and then made a big circle facing outwards to see if there were any toys left out. We did such a good job we couldn’t spot any J. After snack time we started to get ready for the park but ‘Oh no’, we were so disappointed to see it had started raining.

We all helped the teachers with the words in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book and we knew the words :egg, caterpillar, butterfly as well as most of the food names but the teachers told us the word ‘cocoon’ which we said looked like a small house for the caterpillar. We all stood up to get ready to dance to our favorite song and loved doing the actions to ‘The Monkey Dance’, especially the part where we have to roar like a lion. Our teachers found a baby doll which looked cute and was so small, just like the little egg in the book. We told the teachers all the things that we could think of that babies can’t do such as walk, use a spoon, fork or chopsticks talk etc. Looking at another book we discovered that babies can make signs so we had a try ourselves and made signs for ball, hat, dog, cat, fish and telephone. It was fun pretending to talk to our mommies using just our hands. Standing up we then wanted to see who had grown the tallest and standing back to back we were able to see that we are all so much bigger than we were when we were babies. We lay down on the floor and helped the teachers put tape down to measure all our heights. Meanwhile Kana San was doing leaf printing with each of us in turn on the table. We first used a paint roller to spread some green paint on leaves and then turned them over onto the paper to print the shapes. It was a bit messy and we got lots of paint on our hands but it was lots of fun.   Playing with the plastic eggs on the table with our friends was also a lot of fun and we tried and tried and were eventually successful in blowing the little eggs across the table. They wouldn’t roll straight though and would wander all over the place. We took a ride in the elevator to the 3rd floor with the teachers so that we could move around a bit more. We played with the plastic balls and all climbed into two square play-huts together while the teachers poured in so many balls. We then noticed the animals on the table which were hungry and pretended the balls were all different kinds of food and we fed them to make them grow big and strong!! Have a great weekend and we hope you enjoy Hina Matsuri (Girls Day) tomorrow. Love Darren, Kana and Goh.