was a cold, snowy day today

It was a real snowy day today with so many snowflakes falling from the sky throughout the day. We were so happy to be warm and dry inside our classroom and didn’t miss going to the park at all. Shelley and Kana both went outside during the morning to collect snow and they were said that it was ‘freezing’ outside. We looked out of the window many times during the day and saw small and big snowflakes blowing in the wind. One of our activities downstairs was related to snow falling. We took a large piece of white paper and spread glue all over it. Then we took shredded paper which is very colourful and let the small pieces float down onto the paper, just like snow falls down onto the ground. It has to dry on the table now and then we will each get a piece of it to put into our portfolios. We spent part of the morning playing on the mat and then when we had packed away, we did movement to music and singing. We sang and did actions to “Hot Potato”; “The Monkey dance”; “Shake your sillies out”; “Walk”; “Come on lets jump”; “Lets stamp our feet together”; “Where is Thumbkin” and “Butterfly”. In between many of the songs, we hid on the mat and curled up into a ball. We think that hiding means, close our eyes so we cannot see others.

We read “Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes” and “A you’re adorable”. Both of these books have songs to them which Shelley sang to us as she turned the pages. We played with play dough, and put colourful letters of the alphabet into containers at the activity tables. We had fun touching snow and looking at it and we also played a game with the colourful balls. We first had a turn to guess one of the colours of the balls and then we had to see whether we could collect all of the balls and put them inside a basket.

Upstairs, we helped Kana make a snow angel using snow that she had collected outside. She made the shape of wings using gold pipe cleaners and we helped make her body with the snow. We experimented with Poscas on some snow to see whether we could make the snow another colour. When the snow melted and became water, Kana used pipettes and we dropped paint into the water and watched the colours spread. We added some more paint and collage to what are called our personal love collages. We put some more hearts on them and used stamps with red and pink paint. We set up our T-stools and are learning how to attach the base to the seat. We have to screw them in tightly so that they look like the letter “T”. We sat on them when we were singing some songs. We sang “Love is something” and then we tried to clap our hands while sitting on them, and oops, we fell over! We need our arms to help us balance when we are sitting on the T-stools and clapping made it really difficult.

A new delivery of flowers to plant in the park, came to school today. We loved the many beautiful colours and each chose which one we thought was our favourite. We helped take the plants to the balcony so that they can remain outside until the weather is good and then we will plant them with our other flowers in the park.

Kana read two stories to us today. The first one was called “Don’t step on the crack” and the second one was “Happy Birthday to you”. We are missing Sabine and it feels like she has been gone forever. Come back soon Sabine!

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kana