Caroline comes for tea with Sandie

Today Shelley was upstairs with some of our mums and adult friends so Darren and Kana were our teachers. During our free play time Shoko, Miya and Tokutaro decided to have a picnic on the large red cushion. They prepared their plates and food and drinks and while they were having their picnic, they had another thought. Let’s go to the office! So off they went to the small red table and started to draw pictures there. Tokutaro had a “chat” to his mom on his mobile phone during this time and all in all it was an interesting free play time for everyone. Gento kun enjoyed sorting the yellow cars this morning and each time we found a yellow car, we would say the colour together. Tokutaro joined in with this game too. We had three activities to do at the tables this morning. The one was the last two colours of our colour books that we are making. Our colour book is composed of all of our string paintings that we made over the past two weeks. Each time we did string painting, we used two colours on the page. We did red and black; yellow and blue; orange and purple and today we used green and brown. Green and brown are colours that we find in nature so it was a good combination. Our teachers will help us make our books and we will make a cover for them as well.

Our circle time was really fun because Darren did the song “Round and round the garden like a teddy bear” with each of us. He used his finger on the palm of our hand and made a circle with it which was a little ticklish. Then he crept all the way up our arms and tickled us at the end of the song. We sang our “Hello” song and then sang “Put your hands on your……” This is both a game and a song. Sometimes these kinds of songs are called action songs. We had to listen first and then do the action. Then we played a copying game where we had to copy Darren’s actions. He sometimes did them really slowly and sometimes he did them so quickly and we could just laugh as we couldn’t keep up.

We sang “Love is something” and looked at books from the library. We really do have some favourites and when Shelley asks us to get the ABC book; we know exactly which book to look for. We spent some time in the park even though it was a really cold day. Kana says that she thinks it may snow tomorrow. Brrrrrr… will be really cold then!

We want to thank the mums who came to listen to Caroline Pover this morning. She gave an interesting talk about her experience in Ojikahanto; what she did; whom she met; how she felt and what we can do to help in the future. She will be coming back to Japan every three months so that she can go back there and help the people with whatever they need. She will let us know what we can do to help when she returns.

Love Shelley, Darren, and Kana