A castle in the sky

It was not as cold as we thought it would be when we went outside today to play in the park. Downstairs, we put our T-shirts over our jackets so that our teachers could still recognize us when we were playing in the park; as there are often many children playing there at the same time. We had fun playing with coloured blocks during free play time together with Sabine and Shelley. Sabine has not seen us for a long time and she could not believe how well we know the words of our songs and that we know all the actions as well. We sang “Everybody clapping” and the alternative actions that we do are blink our eyes; nod our heads; click our fingers; shrug our shoulders; tap our knees; go to sleep and wake up. You can see in the one photo we are pretending that we are sleeping. We also sang “Skinnamarinky dinky dink”; “Open them shut them”; “Where is Thumbkin”; “Five little ducks” and of course our “Hello” song.

In our song “Five little ducks” the movements that we do and make a hill with our arm as the ducks went over the hill and then we put our hands on our foreheads as we are singing the words “far away”. Then we put our hands together so that they look like a ducks beak saying “quack”.

We did actions to the Wiggles CD and at the very end we curled up and “hid” and had some down time. We read a book about a furry kitten at story time. It was a touch and feel book and we felt the soft fur, the hard bowl, the scratchy basket and the rough tongue. We all put our tongues out as well.

Upstairs, we put together the T-stools and Finn and Nico showed Oliver how to sit on them. The stools are different heights so we each had a turn to see which one was more comfortable for us. We played a game with rules called “Just Bugs” and we have learnt that rules are important in life. We have rules when we walk in the street; big people have rules when they drive cars; we have rules when we sit at the table and eat; we have rules when we walk into a shop etc. The rules of this game were that we had to wait our turn, match one of our dominoes with either of the dominoes on the two ends and then when we had no more dominoes; we had to say that we were finished. Oliver finished first so he was the winner. Finn came second and Darren and Nico still had some dominoes left over that they were unable to match. Our teachers have taught us that it doesn’t really matter who the winner is when we play games, as long as we have fun and enjoy ourselves, which we did. We reviewed the story “In Wibbly’s Garden”; we read it and filled in the missing words and then we followed the trail of the beanstalk through the clouds and we realized that we did not have castle at the end of it. We decided to make a castle out of Styrofoam. Darren cut the foam into the shape of a castle and we pasted on jewels, plastic shapes and small tubes. We will let Jamie, Noa and Noah paste onto it and then we will put it onto the ceiling.

As we are heading into the Festive Season, we will be making a Festive Season tree downstairs. It will be non-denominational and will be representative of all of the holidays that are coming up at the end of this month.

Love Shelley, Darren, Sabine and Kanako