The luminous slime

Today is Noah’s actual birthday and he was so happy when he arrived at school this morning. Maybe it is because he will have another cake today when he gets home! We sang “Happy Birthday” to him during snack time as we spent some time together in one classroom this morning. We went downstairs to have snack with our friends on the second floor and then did some special activities together. First we sat together on the carpet in a circle. In order to make the circle shape, we held hands while we were standing up and then we sat down. Even though our friends on the second floor had already sung the “Hello” song, they were happy to sing it a second time with us. We all sang together and went through the whole song. Today there were nine children singing together which meant that it took a long time for each of us to have a turn to sing our names. Then we sat at the table and had snack time. After snack time, we read books together and some of us stayed at the table and did a cutting activity using the pinking shears; pinking shears are the scissors that have bumpy patterns on their blades. We had strips of paper with numbers written on them. In between each number was a line and this is the line that we had to focus our attention on. Shelley gave us our numbers to take home or paste in our workbooks. The second activity was a tearing and scrunching activity. Some of us tore tissue paper into strips and some of us  scrunched it into balls. We are making our festive tree and will be sticking these things onto the tree together with some other decorations. The tree will be a tree that celebrates Xmas, Channukah, St. Nicolas, New Year and all other holidays that take place at this time of year. We have some sparkly shapes to put on it as well. The shapes are of a snowflake, Santa Claus, stars and Xmas trees. It will be a work in progress and everyone who comes to Ohana International School, can make decorations for it. While we were outside, we collected a bag of sand to put inside the bucket that it is standing in, so that it can stand firmly. It is a real branch from a tree and when we hang things from the branches, we want it to stay standing so the sand helps keep it secure.

Jamie and Noah did their “Show and Tell” downstairs too. Shelley taught us how to say “Good morning children” when we start our ‘Show and Tell’ and the children sitting on the mat then say “Good morning Jamie” or “Good morning Noah”. Jamie had photos of him and his brother sitting on a dinosaur which he said he saw at a house. His second photograph was of him and his dad with a fish that they caught. Jamie told us that it was a poison fish. Noah had some luminous slime for his ‘Show and Tell’ today. We switched off all the lights in our room and went to the area near the basin where we wash our hands, as it was the darkest part of the room, and we saw that the slime became like a light and it shone in the dark. It was green in colour. We were all so amazed and smiled with excitement while we were looking at it. The two photos below were taken in the dark.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kanako