Happy Birthday Noah

We go from one celebration to the next at this time of year and enjoyed another lunch time feast and treat. We celebrated Noah’s fourth birthday with him and his mom today. Nakaba brought along pizza for the main course, cupcakes and fruit salad for dessert and we forgot to mention that singing was our appetizer! Noah sat on the chair and wore his crown which as Jamie said, made him look like a king. When Noah arrived at school this morning, one of the things that he needed to do in preparation for his party, was to decorate his crown. He used stickers and drew some pictures on it. Right in the middle of the crown was the number “4” as this is how old Noah will really be on Wednesday. Noah counted the number four on his fingers and we sang “Happy Birthday” in English and Japanese. Most of us finished the pizza and then feasted on the cupcakes and dessert and then we surprised our teachers even more; some of us asked for our original lunches. They couldn’t believe that we could still have space in our tummies. It was a wonderful celebration and we want to say a huge thank you to Nakaba for spoiling us and for bringing us such a great treat. Arigatou gozaimashita. We are sure that Noah will have another great celebration on Wednesday when it will be his real birthday!

During the morning we did some activities and continued with our daily schedules both up and downstairs. Downstairs we used crinkly pairs of scissors and really liked the different patterns that they make when you cut with them. Some of them are twisty; some are bumpy and some are zig zag……there are so many different ones and we will keep the whole stand in our class for a while.

We also sang songs with our friends and did our morning ritual of sitting in a circle and greeting one another. We said good morning in German, Afrikaans, Hebrew, English, Japanese, French and we blew a kiss to all of our friends. Then we reviewed how to say our love you with your hands and no words. We all knew what to do. We sang “Skinnamarinkadinkydink” with actions and we learnt, “Love us something”. In this song, we learnt that in order to receive, we must give; whether it be something material or not. We also sang our song called “Five little ducks”. We realized that the mother duck was sad because her ducklings didn’t come back. Our story today was called ‘Sammy the snake’ and we have a snake puppet in our class so he told the story about himself. He cried a few times during the story as he didn’t have legs and he wanted to come and play with us in the park and he didn’t have hands, so he couldn’t cross the road and be safe. We helped him understand that it was okay for him to slide on his tummy and cross the street with us and we would take care of him by raising our hands when we crossed the street. The only thing that he couldn’t do in the park was sit on the swing. We also learnt that he doesn’t have a mommy to rub lotion on his skin, like we do, to keep it soft and smooth. Sometimes, his skin gets really dry and he crawls out of it. In fact, upstairs, there is a real skin of a snake which we will look at during the week.

Upstairs, we looked at pea and bean seeds. We are planning on planting them in pots and so when we went to the park, we collected stones as we need to put them in the bottom of the pot before we add the soil and seeds. We learnt that when you sow seeds, you plant them and when you pick them when they have grown, this  is called “harvest”. We did paintings using stamps with different shapes on them. The stamps were a ladybug, a butterfly, a worm and a snake. The background colours of the paper were green, yellow and orange.

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Marie and Kanako