X-ray skeleton

We were so happy to hear that all of our friend and their families were safe during the wind and rain that was brought by the typhoon yesterday afternoon. Today was quite the opposite; bright blue skies and some clouds and a very nice temperature outside in the park. On the second floor we kept the windows open and had a nice flow of air in the room throughout the day. We put the air conditioner on when we had rest time though. The photo on the left is of Gento using his imagination as if  this shape was a pair of binoculars! On the second floor we started off our day with music and instruments following into circle time. During circle time we sang “Everybody tapping” and we did many other movements. Our favourite one was tapping on the floor which is what we are doing in one of the photos here. We also loved clicking our fingers even though no sound came from them when we did it! We sang our “Hello” song and we are still listening to the words that our teachers sing and eventually we will know what to sing and we will do it.

We had our first painting activity with brushes. We are focusing on colours together with shapes and our bodies at the moment so our teachers chose four colours. We had red, blue, green and yellow. We were surprised when we painted because we watched the colours appear on the white paper; a little like magic. We used all of the colours on a large piece of white paper. We also did drawings on white paper with markers and today our teachers gave us each a container with markers so that we didn’t have to share. Sharing can sometimes be a challenge for us as we like to have everything for ourselves and we also like to take things from others even if we don’t need them!

On the third floor, we put together a whole skeleton made from x-rays. It was like doing a puzzle. We started with the skull and worked all the way down to the feet. Luckily our table is really long a wide and all of the x-rays could fit on it.

We did yoga this morning and chose the poses that we wanted to do. The new words that we learnt today were finger nail, back, chest and chin. While we are learning new words the most important thing is that we know the meaning of them. Everyday we will go through the words that we learnt previously and see whether we can match them to parts of our bodies. We moved our bodies to the song “Body rap” which is a really upbeat CD. We also listened and did actions to the CD called “Superme”. Many of the songs have words in them that are really clever as they tell us always to trust ourselves and believe in ourselves; many of them help children build their self esteem. Our teachers try to help us build our self esteem each day. They give us independence to do things and tell us that we can do anything if we really want to!

During free play time, Nico made a tiger with the stickle bricks.

In the park we played with the huge cube; climbed on the climbing frame; sat on the swings; collected water in bottles from the tap and watched the water wheel spin around and we also included our friends from another school in our play. We always let other children play with our things even when their teachers say no!

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako