Sliding under the bridges

Today we were so lucky to be able to have some time outside in the park and boy, did we have fun? Some of our friends were playing on the yellow slide and we decided to join them. Beckett and Sophie were going down the slide together  when Shelley said: “One, two, three wheeeeee!” They did it over and over. Then Shelley stood with her feet astride on the edges of one of the slides and the children were going down the slide and ending off under “the bridge” which was her legs. Noah and Noa decided to stand on both slides, with their legs astride and they then became the bridges. The children all loved it. Our teachers have been wondering how to differentiate the children who have the same name; Shelley called the one Noa T and the other Noah M. Maybe this will work. If you see their names then you know who is who but when you say their names they sound exactly the same. Sophie, Gento and Tokutaro did a stamping activity at the table this morning. They had a selection of coloured stamp pads and many stamps. They also had one with pictures of Australian animals on one side and their footprints on a roller on the other side. Afterwards Sophie also made a painting as she was not at school yesterday and we didn’t want her to miss out on this fun activity. She used red, green, yellow and blue paint and enjoyed mixing them together.

In the upstairs classroom, we played with play dough and did rolling and pinching exercises. Because we have been learning all about food and what foods are important for our bodies, we sorted the plastic food that we play with in the kitchen downstairs into a food pyramid. We know that vegetables are really important for our bodies especially green ones; they have a very big section on the pyramid which is different from the candy and chocolate section, which is really small. We all like to eat chocolates and candy and our teachers say that it is okay to do this, as long as we eat more of the healthy foods.

The words that we learnt today were heart, brain and stomach. We sang “Heads and Shoulders, knees and toes”. Sometimes when we sing this song, we leave out words and just sing ”mmmmm” and other times, we sing it really quickly.

Storytime involved reading one story over and over downstairs and upstairs we read two stories. Shelley read “Go Clifford Go” many times, and Darren read “Knuffle Bunny” and “Hands are not for hitting”. All of us were together for story time upstairs and we also danced and did actions to the music. Shelley was downstairs meeting a new family who were visiting our school. We wish everyone a wonderful weekend and look forward to a new week together on Monday.

Love Shelley, Darren and Sabine.