Tickle Tunes Typhoon music

Today we were a little upside down because of the weather. We had to stay inside and some of our mums and dads came earlier a pick us up and while we had fun, the day felt a little different. Our second floor classroom had a makeover day today. The children had fun playing with things that they had not previously been interested in playing with. Now the room looks more spacious and the piano sits underneath the window sill. Downstairs we played with play dough and had music which was a combination of singing and dancing. We sang “Open them, shut them” which is one of Shelley’s favourites. We also sang our good morning songs. We have two greeting songs which we try to sing every day; the one has actions and we sing good morning in different languages. Today we sang good morning in Japanese, English, German and Hebrew. For our “Hello” song, Sophie sang the words really beautifully all by herself. We read stories together and we will do a special activity with shapes and colours next week. We are trying to focus on our theme for the month which is “Who am I?” however we are still learning other basic things like sitting together in a group; how to share and wait our turn; how to pack away when we have finished playing with a toy etc. Today we focused on the shape called a circle. It is round like a ball; a clock; the letter “o”; an eyeball; a wheel and many other things. We all tried to draw a circle on the white board. After lunch we rested in our classroom until our mums picked us up. Some of us enjoyed reading books while we were lying down. Upstairs we welcomed Beckett to our class. We had five boys in the classroom today and we had a very nice time together. We think that Beckett enjoyed his day today even though he became a little upset when he had to pack the fire truck away. We also love playing with the fire truck and are more used to the rules at our school. We will help him learn them every day when he comes to Ohana.

We have almost completed our large picture of a person. Today we added the stomach, intestines, throat and more bones to it. We are all contributing to it in our own way. It is the same outline that Finn drew around Nico’s body last week. We did sponge painting of certain letters of the alphabet. The letters will make three words viz. “Who am I?” Our teachers will use these letters to make the title for our display about our names on the board on the third floor and at the entrance to the second floor. We also focused on shapes like our friends on the second floor today however we did circle, square, triangle and diamond. We played a sorting game with these shapes.

We sang “Heads and Shoulders” and the funny “Dem bones” song. We hope that everyone will stay safe in the heavy rains that may come to Tokyo. We also wish all of our friends and people who we do not know, to please take care in the typhoon. Shelley played a CD called “Tickle Tune Typhoon” today and only when she had finished playing it, did she realize that today’s weatherman said that there would be a typhoon.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Love Shelley, Darren, Marie and Kanako