White chalk on black paper

Today was so quiet and we missed Gento kun. We had fun with our teachers and spent a busy day learning and we even managed to have some time outside in the fresh air. Just before lunch time we went for a walk in the neighbourhood and because Shelley lives nearby, she knows some interesting places to go to. She took us to a bakery where you can see the people baking bread and other delicious things to eat. Today it was closed and we will ask the owners if we can watch them prepare the dough; place it in the oven and then see the finished products. Shelley said that they make some of the best breads etc. Then we walked to the park and had some races with our teachers. We first ran towards the climbing frame; then we ran up the stairs towards the yellow sign. We noticed on the yellow sign that there was a picture of a moon and a star and it said that you must be quiet when it is night time. We ran towards the sign that tells you all about birds and what you should not do and then we ran to the opposite end of the park, to the very same sign. Finn told us that the one picture says that when birds “poop” on your clothes you have to put them in the washing machine. Nico told us that we must not give the birds food and Finn saw another picture that said that birds can find food for themselves! We came down the slide in quite a tricky way. We shuffled our feet and kept our bottoms off the surface. It took a long time as we did it slowly and carefully! During the morning we did some interesting activities. We played with a pegboard and put these really small pegs into really small holes on a plastic board. We built with the large Interstar bricks during our free play time and then when we went downstairs to have snack, we were surprised to see an empty box. This is one of our favourite toys. We climbed inside the box and Finn wanted it to be really dark, however there was a small opening at the top which Shelley said was a window.

We did the most amazing drawings of our families. We took our special life books and looked at them really carefully. We looked at the various members of our families and drew some of them. Our medium for drawing today was white chalk. We drew on black paper as this shows up really well. These pictures show how much we have learnt about our bodies and how much we understand about them; how we look and the different parts of our bodies and where they belong. These pictures are going into our workbooks which are progressing along really well. We have some other pictures in them already. We also want to tell you that our “Who am I?” display is a work in progress. We have almost all of our friend’s paper plates and stories up on the display board on the third floor and at the entrance on the second floor. Our moms and dads have written some interesting things about their choice of names for us.

Tomorrow we will be welcoming Beckett our new friend on the third floor. Jamie knows him and we are really happy to have him in our class. We are also looking forward to seeing more of our friends tomorrow. Wednesdays are our busiest day of the week with so many friends at school learning and having fun with our teachers. Please take care as our teachers told us that a big rain is coming either tonight or tomorrow.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako