It was a busy morning of learning and fun today and we spent time together in the classroom upstairs which was fun. During circle time we all sat together and sang our “Hello” song. Sophie knows how to sing the words and she just learnt them this morning. Finn sang his name loudly and clearly and he also told us that his tummy was really hungry. We all move our hands to the person who we are asking “What is your name?” and they reply “My name is ……………….” Before we sang this song, Darren showed us a small skeleton and we all shook hands with it. Then he showed us some x-ray photographs of various bones in our bodies. Noa had the lower arm and hand; Finn had the pelvis; Noah had the ribs; Jamie had the lower leg and foot; Sophie had a hand; Nico had the skull and Tokutaro had a foot. We all put the x-ray photographs on our bodies or put parts of our bodies on it so that we matched the part correctly. Darren then showed us a white board and he asked Finn to put his hand on the white board. Noah traced all around Finn’s hand and then we all had the opportunity to do the same thing on a piece of paper. Some of us filled out bones in on our traced hand, some of us coloured them in and some of us drew over them. Finn and Noah made nails on their hands. Noa made her face on a paper plate using googly eyes, yarn and foam shapes. She also completed her skeleton that she and her friends made out of paper clay. Our book for story time was the same one that we read yesterday as our teachers want to reinforce how important it is for us to eat healthy food each day.  counted all the way up to number 16 as today is September the 16th. We put a one and a six on the calendar so that the date was correct and we also replaced Thursday with Friday. We sang “Heads and shoulders, knees and toes” with everyone and laughed so much because we started off singing it at a regular pace and then we sang it faster and faster until it was even too hard to co-ordinate our movements with the words.

Sophie and Tokutaro did some of their own special activities today. Today they pasted four colours onto a piece of black paper. The colours were all in the shape of a circle. They were red, green, yellow and blue. They used a glue stick and learnt how to push the stick down so that the glue goes onto the shape. When they had completed sticking the large shapes onto the paper, they took four small circles in the same colours and pasted them onto the paper as well. Their second activity was tearing tissue paper. They had a lot of fun choosing the colours and then tearing them. They also discovered that you can crunch paper up and squeeze it. When they had finished tearing the paper, they pasted it onto a piece of paper. They noticed that if you put a light piece of paper on top of a darker one, you can still see the darker one.

In the library upstairs all of us read together and some of us sat with our teachers and listened to stories. Downstairs we are learning how important it is to pack away when are finished playing with toys. When we go upstairs we see what our older Ohana friends are doing and we learn from them.

After lunch, Noa and Finn drew pictures of things that start with the letter c/k as they have the same sound. This is the sound that they have been focusing on this week. Some of us who rest downstairs can soon learn the same things that they do, when we want don’t need to rest anymore. Almost all of us slept today as we love listening to the relaxation music.

We were really happy to have Kanako back today and are glad that she had a good time with her family in Ibaraki. We want to wish all of our friends and teachers a relaxing long weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Love Shelley, Darren and Kanako