Our bodies make music

It was a hot day today with a little less humidity and we had a ball outside. We actually didn’t really play with a ball but a “ginormous” cube. Nico laughed so loudly as he hit it into the air and all throughout the park. Then Tokutaro chased after it and dragged it back to the other end and then Nico did it again; and then Tokutaro did it again. They were so happy and both fell asleep really quickly after lunch as they were probably exhausted. There is a new patch of really nice soft sand on the one side of the cherry blossom tree so we placed all of our sand and water play toys there. We all went to fill watering cans at the tap and pour the water into other containers or on the water wheel. Gento kun likes to look at other children and see what they are doing before he chooses something to do. Finn and Gento kun sat together drinking water on the bench in the shade. During the morning, Gento and Tokutaro did some stacking with colourful plastic cups and then they put objects inside the cups. Gento thinks that they are for drinking from so he always puts them to his mouth and pours and then he discovers that there is nothing inside them. In our morning circle downstairs we sang many songs and did actions to them. We learnt some new ones today which we  loved so much. We sang “Open them, shut them”; “Where is Thumbkin”; “There was a farmer had a dog”; “Twinkle, twinkle little star”; “The Incy Wincy spider” and “When you’re happy and you know it”. We also did some jumping to the music on a CD as well as walking and running. We enjoy looking at books and today our favourite ones were a Thomas the Tank Engine one and one with four little plastic animals on a plastic ring. We can move the animals along the ring. Shelley read the story called “My first ABC” which she read yesterday as well. We love the strong colours and pictures that are easy to discern.

Upstairs we added ribs and bones to the large outline of a person. We learnt some new words for certain parts of our bodies. They are spine, skull, elbow and chin. These words describe things that are hard and are a part of our skeleton. Bones are hard and a skeleton is made out of only bones. The story that we read today was called “Good enough to eat”. It is a story about what food we should eat so that we have strong bones; strong muscles etc. Shelley told us long ago that food is like the gasoline for a car. If there is no gasoline, the car will not drive very well and if you give it the wrong gasoline….oh no! This is the same for our bodies. If we give our bodies healthy and varied foods each day, they will work really well. We have been singing “Heads and Shoulders” and “Dem bones” every day and we are trying to remember the words and the actions to them. We have to co-ordinate different parts of our bodies to do the actions properly and quickly.

Most of us go downstairs at the end of the day to have a rest however Shelley has been thinking about this a lot. Many of us could be growing out of an afternoon nap and maybe just need a short time to rest rather than sleep. Our teachers will monitor this over a few weeks and see how things go. Wishing you a great afternoon and see you tomorrow

Love Shelley and Darren