Dem bones, dem bones

It was a lovely day in the park with all of our school mates. We have some new watering cans, digging utensils and one of our favourites is the water wheel. We experimented with water, soft sand and mud and realize that mud is not a good option; soft sand makes the wheel spin but only if the whole toy is dry and water seems to be the best. The wheel spun so fast when we poured water on it. We love going back to the tap to put water into our containers and it seems as if we never get tired from this. We all love touching the water too and washing the toys at the end of our outside time. Noah and Gento kun both had sand all over their faces and their white trousers became brown from the sand too. Tokutaro learnt how to climb onto the lower bars on the climbing frame and hang from them. We made more bones for our skeletons upstairs using paper clay, which hardens quite quickly. Noah made his face on a paper plate as we will be putting up our “Who am I?” display in the next week. We added things to the Nico’s body that we traced around yesterday. We made parts of the skeleton using Styrofoam and we also made a brain, lungs , heart and some other organs. Our bodies are really amazing as they have bones, tissues, organs, muscles and so many other things inside them.

We sang our song “The head bone’s connected to the….” and we went through our calendar which only really needed some changes to the name of the day and the numbers for the date. Yesterday and today were both sunny and it is still summer. We sang the song about the days of the week and we counted all the way up to number 14. We sang “Heads and Shoulders” and pointed to the different parts of our bodies.

Downstairs we did some activities too. Sophie, Tokutaro and Gento made their faces on paper plates as well. Sophie could use the glue all by herself and knew how many eyes she has; how many ears etc so she could work fairly independently. She made her place mat as well which our teachers will laminate and then she can use it when she had lunch and snack. Shelley worked more closely with Tokutaro and then Gento was the lucky last! He wanted to go and play with his friends as he likes to do whatever they are doing. If everyone was making their faces, he would have sat at the table for much longer.

We read so many stories this morning. We read “Pigs say la la la” which isn’t really true. We know that animals all make different sounds and pigs don’t really know how to sing; they just say oink oink! Marie read us some stories too and she played with us during the day as well. We sang “Where is Thumbkin”; “Hello everybody”; “Incy wincy spider” and “Hot Potato”. We love listening to the wiggles and we used percussion instruments when we were jumping and doing other actions to the music. At the very beginning of the day we played for a short time on the second floor and all of us sat together at the small table and did puzzles together. Noah did the Mickey Mouse one which he is really good at.

Thanks for a wonderful day at Ohana and see you tomorrow for more fun and learning.

Love Shelley and Darren