Welcome back Finn

Well, the month of May has arrived and it brought with it warmer weather and Fabulous Finn. A big welcome back to Tokyo to Finn, his mum, Abby, dad, Arne and his little sister, Lily! We are so glad that they are back and that Finn came straight to school, the day after arriving from Norway. He spent free play time exploring all the toys and books and games that he remembered in the classroom and had fun re-acquainting himself with everything. He took out the trains and cars and also the stickle bricks (which was his first choice) and spent time building a road for cars and a train track for trains. He placed the hospital garage at one end of the track and the helicopter went on the “helipad”. When he went into the library he was looking for a specific book and he found it. Our teachers always say, that we can find anything that we are truly looking for. In the same way, Shelley thinks that if we really want something, we can always get it. She means that we need to want it in our hearts and not in our heads. Mmmmmmm! We think that when we are older, we will understand this more.

During the morning Finn did some special activities in preparation for Mother’s Day. He made a card using beautiful rhinestones which he pasted around a heart frame; he made a flower out of tissue paper and he made a placemat. Our mums are getting two of these things and the placemat will be pasted into our Portfolios which we will take home at the end of the year. Finn had fun making the flower because he and Shelley worked together and they each had a separate job to do. Shelley folded the paper and Finn smoothed it out. Each time they did their job, they said what they were doing and ended up saying this about 10 times. Finn loves his flower and he asked if he could take it home, which of course he can. On Friday we will take home our Mother’s Day gifts so that we have them for the weekend.

During the morning we sang our traditional songs; “Hello”; “There are seven days”, “Sunday, Monday….” and “It’s good to see that……..”

We did an activity using play dough and letters of the alphabet. We had to roll the play dough and make it fit into the shapes of the letters. Finn knows the letters of his name and he even wrote it on his mums Mother’s Day card.

When Finn made the placemat he had about five questions about his mum that he needed to answer. It was quite difficult to think about mum’s favourite things but he seemed to be clear about them all. Our teachers think that the answers we give them are usually the ones that we like for ourselves!

You can see from these photos that Finn had a really fun day today and he was happy. When he arrived at school, he was looking around the classroom and then said: “Where are all the children?” Shelley had to tell him that we are all on holiday as it is Golden Week and he is so looking forward to seeing some of us on Friday and the rest of us, the week afterwards. Our story today was the beautiful story called “Joseph and his little overcoat”. Finn lay down in the libray after lunch and together they read the story. During the story however, Finn fell fast asleep but when Shelley asked him if he still wanted to listen to the story, he said “Yes”! Shelley wants to tell us a secret but a little bird flew out of the sky and told her that it is Darren’s birthday this week. Shhhhhhhhhhh! We will have a belated celebration for him next week. Shhhhhhhhh! All of us need to make a birthday picture for him when we get back. See you on Monday next week and enjoy Friday with Darren

Love Shelley