look what i can do

It was fantastic today to have Renshi, Sui and Finn all together. Sui started the morning on the table with the play dough and wanted to make a pizza by rolling the dough out with a rolling pin. She then decided that making small balls using the play dough was more fun. Once Renshi and Finn arrived the carpet area was the place to be with the ‘KNex’ set and the toy cars being popular. Finn decided to make a tractor using the large wheels and two smaller wheels from the ‘knex’ set and even added windows and an engine space with a little help. Renshi was using the motor and building a helicopter shaped structure while Sui was colleting matching sticks and putting them in the model helicopter pad or in the colored containers she likes so much. Finn and Renshi then wanted to get the carpet road mat to play on too. Renshi came to the table to see if he could make a tissue paper flower for his mom, just like his friends had too. He was very successful and made a beautiful flower for ‘mother’s day’ to go alongside the card he made last week.

After we had packed away and had a snack we returned to the carpet area to play some ‘I Can’ games with the children. We started with some fun things like I can put my hands on my knees then put my hands together slow, then moved onto seeing what they could do with some play dough e.g. roll it (longer), then pinch it, kneed it, stretch and press it. They really enjoyed it and were all saying “I can press it, roll it, pinch it, scratch it, stretch it, bend it etc.

After the play dough we showed the children some tracing paper and asked them if they could see through it or not. They initially said no but when we put it lose to an object they suddenly changed their minds and said “Yes, Yes, we can see our names”. Renshi, Sui and Finn then used the tracing paper over their names and used colored markers. As a final activity we asked them to try writing their names without using the tracing paper. They all did a fantastic job with this, Well done Renshi, Finn and Sui!!

In the park Renshi and Sui headed straight for the plastic bottles and sand box. Finn meanwhile discovered the water drinking spout and how well it sprayed water up into the air. It was nice and warm with the occasional ray of sunshine today. Have a great weekend and of course a good Mothers Day on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you all next week along with Shelley.

Love Darren