Fabulous Friday

Welcome back Jamie! We were so happy to welcome Jamie back to school today after more than two months. He stayed for the whole day and had fun with all of us. Today we had our Me and My Mom programme downstairs and Jamie and Sui went to play with Shelley and the little boy, Joshua and his mom for 40 minutes. They sang “Open them shut them”; “Tommy Thumb”; “There was a farmer had a dog”; “Lets clap our hands together”. They also did music and walked around the room with instruments; they ran; jumped and crawled as well. Sui and Jamie used many different toys and especially loved sitting at the table, preparing food in the small kitchen and pretending they were having lunch together. Upstairs our day started off with free play and then we started to work at the tables. We continued our side project on making a remote control. Today our task was to draw the one that we had made yesterday and tell our teachers what each button or attachment was for e.g. the diamond was for standing up; the silver thing with the round part on top was for jumping; the gold button was for going to the bathroom etc. Our teachers wrote these instructions down and our remote controls are similar to real ones now. When you buy a real remote control, it comes with a manual that tells you how to use it and what the different buttons are for. We know this now! We will take a photo of each of our remote control panels that we made and paste them into our workbooks with the plan that we drew.

Our circle time focused on our remote controls as well. One of us pushed a button that instructed our teachers and our friends to sing the days of the week; another one told everyone to sing slowly and quietly; another buttons said sing loudly and quickly. This was how most of our morning went and we had so much fun, trying out our own remote controls as well as listening to and following the instructions from our friends. It seems that some of us listen differently when we get instructions from a remote control!

At the tables we also played a memory and matching game. First we looked at all the pictures on the cards; then we matched them at the table while they were face up. The final part of the game was playing the game according to the proper instructions. We placed them face down on the table and then had turns to turn two cards over and see if they matched. If they did, then we kept the cards and if they didn’t, it was someone else’s turn and they tried to match two cards as well. Our teachers do not think that it is important who wins but rather, how we played the game and what we learnt from it. We had a great time playing with our friends and teachers and didn’t even think of winning!

Outside in the park, it was so cool to see so many Ohana International School T-shirts. We ran and chased our teachers and our friends; we threw, caught and kicked the ball; we played with some toys that we usually use in the sandbox; we went on the slide and we climbed on the challenging climbing frame. Our friends from other schools were in the park as well and our timing was really good because as we were getting ready to leave, it started to rain. We went back to the classroom and had lunch and then four of us came downstairs to rest and we all fell asleep; Jamie, Noah, Nico and Sui.

Our teachers asked us please to remind our mums and dads to label everything that we bring to school; even our cutlery! It was a wonderful end to another week at Ohana and we look forward to seeing our friends again on Monday and to welcoming Shoko to school on Tuesday for her first day. Wishing everyone a restful weekend and stay dry as the typhoon is supposed to come to Tokyo.

Love Shelley and Darren