Remote controlling our teachers and our friends

Jou kun spent his second day with us and once again he enjoyed his day and he cried for his mummy at different times. He liked playing with the ball in the park and he loved his snack, eating on the picnic mat with his friends. We were happy to see Noah again as well as our all of friends who come to school on other days. We started off our day going outside to the park. Shelley had two appointments and we needed to have three adults in the park. Instead of missing out on park time, we went earlier, just like we did yesterday. When we were sitting on the picnic mat eating snack one of our friends asked us if we were having lunch, but of course it was too early for lunchtime. We played with water, the large and small tennis balls and we also ran around getting rid of excess energy and inhibitions. We love being out in the fresh air and shared many happy moments with our friends and teachers. We met Shoko and her mum while we were having our snack picnic and then she came back to school with us. She is starting at Ohana next week which is great. Back in the classroom, we played a game giving instructions to our friends and teachers. We told them to stand up; sit down; be a bicycle; swim; jump; stand on one leg; be an airplane etc. Darren had a great idea from playing this game. He made a remote control and we had turns to push the buttons and tell our friends and teachers what to do. We told them to do similar things but each time we had to push a button. It was so interesting because our friends and teachers had better listening ears when we used the remote control. The next thing was to make our own. Wow, we now have our own “remote control”. When we take ours home, maybe we can make our entire family do everything that we want them to do! We went to the activity table and made our own ones. We used an old floppy disk as the base and the buttons or controls are made from buttons, parts of pens; cardboard rolls; rhinestones; black plastic disks; and other materials. We placed the buttons and controls onto the floppy disks and then our teachers pasted them on with hot glue. We had to explain where the thing were e.g. the button is in the middle; the diamond is at the top on the left etc. We will keep them at school for a few days and see if we can “programme” our teachers and classmates!

We had play dough, puzzles and white board drawing at the activity tables today. We enjoyed doing the puzzles and Noah started the 100 piece one with the airplane on it. We will work on it with him tomorrow and complete it. Nico enjoyed drawing on his own small white board and some of us sat on the mat playing with trains and cars together.

Our story today was one of our favourites. It is called “We’re going on a bear hunt”. We had to try to say the lines after Shelley but Finn knew some of the lines so he was the teacher for a short while and we said the lines after him. At the very end of the book there is a picture of a bear walking on his own on a beach. Shelley asked us what we thought he was doing or where was he going. We thought that maybe he was going home to his cave. We called it his bear house! Tomorrow we will welcome Jamie back after a long time and Shelley will do the Me and My Mom programme downstairs for one and a half hours.

Thanks for another great day!

Love Shelley and Darren