Today was snowing and raining

We watched the snow and rain through the window and then we remembered that last time it snowed we drew on the window. Well, we realized that there was no condensation on the window however we still tried to write with our fingers. As an alternative, we created stepping stones with the chairs and placed them all along the window. We could walk from one to the other as our teachers carefully placed them close to one another. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We also love going into the office and hiding behind the door so our teachers have chosen a really interesting feature for our new class which will satisfy this need of ours. We can’t wait to see what it is going to be! Because the weather was snowy and rainy today, we couldn’t go and play in the park. We did some fun things on the mat using our bodies while reviewing what we have learnt recently.

We all held hands in a circle; we swayed in the circle; we jumped in the circle; we let go hands and turned around; we shrugged our shoulders and we blinked our eyes. Then we sat down and sang hello in many different languages, after doing a few more actions. We clicked our fingers; bounced our knees and smiled at our friends and teachers. Then we OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAheard a sound. What was it? It sounded like the buzzing of bees. We counted our fingers on one hand and reached the number five. We sang “Here is the beehive” and then we stood up and listened to some interesting music that evokes a feeling about an animal or something in nature when you listen to it. We were bees and when the music stopped, we looked for a flower and rolled in the yellow powder which is the pollen and drank up the sweet juice, called nectar. Then we flew back to our beehives and tried to make honey. We make a big buzzing noise when we are pretending to be in the beehive, making honey. We listened to different tracks on the CD and were tigers, monkeys, elephants, birds, giraffes, fish etc. Lily gave us many ideas about what we could be when she heard the music.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATokutaro drew a picture of a person for the first time. He was making a card for William’s birthday which is at the beginning of March and he sat with Shelley and drew this all by himself. They spoke about the things that are on your face and then touched their necks, tummies etc. We think that William will enjoy all of the hearts that we have decorated for him. At the activity tables, William covered a toilet roll with black and yellow stripes all made from origami paper. He also drew, cut, tore and pasted yellow and black on a background which we will be using for a garden scene. The other activities that we had were drawing on the white board and puzzles.

Upstairs Margo sorted all of the letters into alphabetical order which of course we were excited about and wanted to do as well. So we took all of the letters out of the ABC puzzle and using the ABC song as a guide, when we were not sure DSCN9659what letter came next, we put them all, as a team, into the correct alphabetical order.

Miya and Sofia did free drawing at the table and drew pictures of Christmas trees. They then pasted sparkly shapes onto the branches of the tree that they had drawn.

Nico practiced writing some upper case letters on the white board this morning and he is really good at writing them. DSCN9656We are all practicing how to write letters and our teachers are hoping that we will be able to write them from memory soon rather than look at the letters and copy them.

Ayaka showed us how we can make origami airplanes this morning. We sat with her and chose a piece of origami paper which would become our airplane. Some of us remembered how to fold the paper from our lesson yesterday and did so without any help; some of us learnt for the first time today how to fold the paper and this was fun. Miya and Margo completed their hot air balloons today by decorating a yoghurt cup for the basket and a balloon. Now all of our hot air balloons are hanging from the ceiling. Miya chose to put a rabbit in hers and Margo chose a mouse for hers. We also tried to use newspaper to make different styles of airplanes. The origami one seems to fly really well.DSCN9671

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.