Gardens, flowers, transport and the light box

It was such a cold day today and when we were in the park some of us told our teachers that our hands were cold; and they were! We still had fun outside and the sunshine helped warm us just a little.

Downstairs we had a few new activities prepared for us. We continued with our theme that is focusing on flowers, bees and gardens. We sang our song “Here is the beehive” and we told our teachers that you can find flowers in a park or in a garden. They explained to us that flowers grow in the earth and we remembered planting flowers in the park. We had to dig the earth to make it soft and then we made a hole and put the roots of DSCN9677the flowers in the hole. We covered the roots and then made sure that the flowers were snug in the earth. We gave them water to feed them. All these things came back to us when we were talking about them. The roots hold them into the ground, the stem or stalk is what keeps them straight above the ground and the petals are what attract the bees to them. Bees like bright beautiful flowers and they fly to them, roll in the pollen as it sticks to the hair on their bodies and then they collect the nectar through their straw-like tongues. Some other information that we learnt was that there are different kinds of bees; worker bees who work hard and make honey; a queen that lays eggs and a drone that fertilizes the eggs. Sometimes when we learn things we do not question them. Lily said “fertilise” so clearly!

Our one activity today was to make gardens on our black and yellow backdrops. The colours on the backdrops symbolize the bees. We used matchsticks and pipe cleaners for the stems and foam and cupcake holders for the flowers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 We used the lightbox this morning and had transparent coloured shapes on it together with small pieces of transparent plastic in many colours and cups that are translucent. We put shapes together and saw how you could create another colour; we filled the cups with the small shapes and we spent time here just looking at the light and how it came through the paper. We played a game with numbers where we sat together in a circle and Shelley asked us how old we are. We all said that we were either two or three years old. Then she showed us numbers and asked us if we knew the number symbols. We all knew some of them!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe each were given a number and we wore it around our neck. With this game, we sang the song that helped us get ready for lunch time. In fact, at snack time, we all sang the song by ourselves using big voices and knowing many of the words.

When we came back from the park, we did an activity with a strainer and pipe cleaners. We found it on the table and Vincent was the first one to use it. Our teachers didn’t say anything; they just watched as we tried to put the pipe cleaners in the small spaces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Upstairs Yossi and Noa made their hot air balloons which are now hanging from the ceiling. When our teachers were blowing up the balloons for them, the first one burst so Yossi had to choose another colour for his one. During our discussion time, our teachers told us that our school was moving. We were curious about the place that we are moving to and they told us that it will be another fun place to learn in and we will all be there together from the beginning of April. So this means that we are going to be packing toys and things in our classroom as well as putting things back e.g. the door on the library and the doors on the shoe closet. We actually helped put the door back DSCN9709on its hinges. We moved some of the large boxes that were in the bathroom storage and all had a turn to use the tools and screw the screws into the wood with a screwdriver.

We also had a fantastic time with our folded paper airplanes. Today we made a new design using firm paper that people use for advertising. We took them outside and watched them fly in so many fun ways. We all stood at the top of the slide and then whoosh, flung them as hard as we could.

In circle time, we sang “Flying through the air” with actions; Row your boat” with partners and then we did some DSCN9707movements which were a little challenging e.g. we tried to walks on our bottoms with our hands in front of us; we tried to balance on one leg and lift our hands into the air like a rocket; we drove a car which was easy and we lay on our backs and rode a bicycle.

It was another fun day at school for all of us. Maybe when Darren comes back from England we can do some more handy work in the classroom.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.