Taking care of our plants

Hello again, after a long and lovely break for us all. We were really happy to return to school on such a beautiful sunny day and see our friends and teachers. Upstairs we read our book “Grow Flower Grow” and went to the activity tables to see how much our plants have grown. We noticed that they have all grown past the 10cm mark. We felt the soil and realized that the plants needed more water, as it was really dry. Downstairs, our friends have also noticed that their plants are growing too. Their peas are so long and tall they are falling over the edge of the flower pot. In keeping with our theme for the last two months of the year, we started thinking about what we can do. The theme is “I can……………” We completed our “Growth and New Beginnings” collage today and spoke about what we can do with a pair of scissors. We can “use scissors; hold a pair of scissors; open and close them in order to cut”. We cut out small butterflies and pasted them onto the collage. We used origami paper that was folded in half. There was a shape drawn on one half that had some curves. We cut along the curves and when we opened the paper up, we saw that we had cut out a butterfly. This was so amazing! We decorated them with sparkles and markers. We put double sided tape on our Peter Pointer finger and made them fly.

Another thing that we can do upstairs is, put on our own smocks and we can also change our shoes by ourselves. We sang “Where is  Thumbkin”; “The ABC song” and “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive”. Downstairs when we think about what we can do, we have a slightly different list. Some of the things are the same and some are different. We can dance to the music and remember the actions that go with certain songs; we can sit at the table and follow instructions for activities; we can take the tops off markers and put them back on when we are finished drawing with them; we can use a glue stick and paste things on paper; we can climb the stairs in the park; we can slide down the slide on our own; we can do puzzles; we can pack away; we can feed ourselves at snack and lunch time. We can do so many other things but these are a few of the ones that we focused on today.

We really love the large doll’s house in our classroom on the second floor. We take the furniture out and the people and play with them together with the other toys. Today, the doll’s house was in the middles of the carpet and we spent a long time rearranging the furniture and having fun with our friends. We took some of the cooking utensils into the house so that we could cook. We peeped through the house from one side to the other and saw our friends and teachers. Shelley took photos of us peeping through the house. We had so much fun and laughed as you can see from our smiles. The activity that we focused on today was for Mothers Day. We don’t want to say anything else as we want it to be a surprise. Our teachers laughed a lot and so did we when we were making the cards today. It is good to laugh but it is funny to see our teachers laughing and having tears at the same time. We thought that tears were only when you were sad but now we know that you can also have tears when you laugh.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Marie, Goh, Sabine and Kana