Today is a new month. It is already May which is the fifth month of the year. Big people always say “Time flies when you are having fun”! And we have fun every day. When our mums or dads open up our lunchboxes when we go home today, they will wonder! Why is there so much lunch here still? Did the children have lunch time today? There are a few answers. The first one is in response to the second question which is “yes” we did have lunch today. The next answer here is in response to the first question which is “we ate so much at snack time”. This morning was our day for making “Chirashizushi”. We arrived at school and saw so many different containers on the table with a variety of colourful foods. We saw green long beans; snow peas and carrots. There was nori in many beautiful shapes; white rice; beautiful pink powder and thin yellow strips of egg. Before we started cooking, Kana explained to us what we were going to do, through the “Coy Nobori” song. She taught us that “takai” means high; otosan is daddy; “ya ne yori” is high on the roof top. We made our own “Coy Nobori” last week so when she showed us ones on a long stick we knew what they were. We also recognized that they are fish. Before we start cooking we always wash our hands with soap and water, which we did and we sat at the table together. We each had a small silver plate in front of us and put some rice on the plate. The rice was the base and we learnt that it is white in colour. On top of the rice we could make different designs. Kana cut out many different shapes including some fish shapes with the nori so that we could make a “Coy Nobori” design”. We used the long green string bean and attached the nori fish to it as if they were hanging on a pole. Some of us used the long green string beans as stems for flowers and the snow peas as leaves. We then used the carrots as flowers. We made beautiful designs and then of course we ate the “Chirashizushi”. Yossi was so kind as he doesn’t eat the same things as we do, so he made and brought some cookies for us. After we had eaten our “Chirashizushi” we ate a cookie. Now everyone knows why we didn’t have so much room in our tummies for lunch.

Before we did our wonderful cooking activity today, we played musical instruments and danced and sang to the music. We used the various instruments and swopped with our friends and teachers. We shared everything with them. We used bells, clappers, tambourines, maracas and of course the microphone was popular. We like to hold the microphone even if we do not sing. We sang our “hello” song and Yossi wanted to know who was at school today. We went through all of the children’s names and then he told us what the teacher’s names were. Sophie brought beautiful princess sticker books to show us so during free play time; she let us play with her and stick stickers in her book. We also decorated two more large pink hearts for our teachers as their birthdays are coming up soon.

Today is the last day of this week, and we want to wish all of our families, friends and teachers a wonderful Golden Week. If you are far away already, have fun and if you are staying in Tokyo, have fun too.

We are looking forward to seeing most of our friends back next Monday.

Love always Shelley, Darren and Kana