Fun with our friends

Today was such a beautiful day, we went out a lot earlier and it was better for us. Some of us are really small and when the active, energetic, bigger children from other schools come and play, it can be a little intimidating for us. So we had space and time and of course, the most beautiful sunshine. Jennifer took care of the flowers in our garden and watered them carefully while Lily spent time going up and down the slide. Shoko and Isabelle pushed each other on the swing. We have been learning how to push one another on the swing and the two most important things that we need to focus on are; not being too near that we will get hit when the swing comes back to us; and not being too far, that we can’t reach the swing to push it. We are getting really good at it and it is great to be able to help our friends and have fun together. Every time it is a beautiful sunny day, Shelley writes that it was the best weather. It is fun when things get better and better so we know that we always have something to look forward to. This morning during free play time, Shoko and Isabelle had a picnic on the carpet. They invited Kana to join them. They laid the food and plates out just like they were having a real picnic. Even though it is no longer cherry blossom time, our teachers will take us to the park and we can have another real picnic there. While they were having their picnic, Jennifer, Tokutaro and Lily were decorating hearts for Yossi’s birthday in June. They also did some decorations on the large pink hearts for our teachers.

Our story today was called the “Teeny Weeny Tadpole”. It has a CD that we can listen to but today, Darren read the story to us. It is all about a tadpole that wants to grow up and become a frog likes its mum.

During circle time, we were given a colour and we had to stand on one of the shapes on the carpet that was the corresponding colour. We know almost all of our colours now and had fun looking for the flowers to stand on. We played another game that was all about colours. This time, we built a tower together and each of us had to choose a specific colour and shape to put on the tower. The pieces are orange, purple, red, green and blue. The shapes are stars, triangles, squares, circles and hexagons. We used all 25 shapes and then had to blow the tower down. Crash!

In music time we played with musical instruments. We used bells, tambourines, maracas etc and listened carefully to the music being played. When the music was soft, we played really quietly and when it was loud, we adjusted our volume too and made a big noise with our instruments.

Our teachers are looking at our skills really carefully at the moment as there will be parent/teacher conferences in May. They will be putting up a roster for all of our mums and dads to sign so that they can come and hear all about our progress and development this year, at Ohana. We hope you all have a great afternoon and once again, we wish all of our little and big friends “get well soon” and happy holidays to Miya and her family who are off to Hawaii tomorrow.

Love Darren, Kana and Shelley