A rainy day outside and a sunny day inside

Today was a rainy day outside and a sunny day inside our classrooms. We had fun singing “Happy Birthday” on the telephone to Moko san as it is her birthday today. We all shouted “Hip, hip, hooray” and she came to our classroom during the morning, to say “thank you” to us. We are very busy preparing heart cards for almost all of our teachers as they have their birthdays in May and June. Shelley is the only one who has a birthday in October. Last week we did one card with drawings and today upstairs, we decorated one using stamps. Our teachers will have a combined party on May 23rd and they will give us a pizza lunch that day. Nico, Jamie and Beckett spent some time using the white board markers on the pre-writing tracks. There are a few different designs and one had to really concentrate to keep your marker inside the tracks until you get to the end. There is a zig zag one; a wavy one and a curved one.

We read a funny story called “Grow flower grow”. It is about a girl who struggled to get a flower to grow. She was feeding it pizza, ice cream, cookies and all foods that are not good for you. Eventually, she gets so annoyed and she throws it outside into the garden. And what do you think happened? Yes, the sunshine and the rain made it grow! We gave our cosmos seeds water and looked at the chart to see how much more they had grown.

We sang “I am a little flower”; “Ring a ring of roses” and we did actions to the “Body Rap”. We lay on our back and did “floor cycling” and tried to pay attention to the ceiling and take note of what we could see. We made origami butterflies using coloured markers, sparkly pens, cut out scrap paper and foam shapes.

Downstairs we are preparing for “Kodomo no hi” which is Children’s Day. We looked at the Koy Nobori which we have in our room and did sponge painting on white sheets of paper. These are going to be the main part of the fish. We used shapes for printing that are related to what we have been learning about these past months. We used a flower, a sun, a butterfly and a spiral shape. We used red, blue, green and yellow. Then we looked carefully at the fish and saw that they have many different coloured eyes. We made eyes using circles of varying sizes. We had four different sizes viz. large, medium, smaller and then really small. The really small ones were all black. We pasted them on top of one another and these are going to be the eyes of our Koy Nobori. We will make them tomorrow with our friends who come to school on a Tuesday.

We sang our “Hello” song, “Open them shut them”, “Heads and Shoulders” with the actions and then we stood up and did “The Monkey Dance”; “Shake your sillies out”; “Where is Thumbkin”; “The Butterfly dance” and “Veil”. When we hear the music for “Veil” we sway in the wind like trees; we sway high and we sway low and all the time we let our arms move like the branches on a tree.

We had a fun start to the week and we send our love to our many sick friends and hope that they get better soon. Odaiji!

Love Shelley, Darren, Goh, Sabine and Kana