'b is for butterfly'

This morning in free play time the cars and trucks were very popular on the 3rd floor with Noah, Miya, Beckett, Oliver and Beckett all playing at the same time. They were following the grey roads and zooming around and around faster and faster. There were of course the occasional crashes with trucks and cars strewn around but the children all played alongside each other really well. On the table Noah, Miya and Beckett spotted the large ‘ Egg, Caterpillar, Cocoon and Butterfly collage we have been working on and they decided they needed to glue on the final caterpillars which Naoh made last week. He very kindly offered to share the ones he had made and both Miya and Beckett very politely said “Thank you” to him. Circle time on the second floor involved lots and lots of singing, actions and dancing. After starting off with our usual ‘Hello Song’ the children moved onto one of their all time favorites ‘Hot Potato’. They love doing the actions to this which involve a lot of wiggling, shaking and banging their hands together. Soon they moved onto their other favorite songs including: ‘Shaky Shaky’, ‘The Monkey Dance’, ‘Butterflies Flit’, and ‘Where is Thumbkin’? Unfortunately Shelley was absent today and so the children on the second floor decided to make a ‘Get Better Soon’ card. They chose to use a large sheet of pink paper, with both stickers and crayons to decorate the card. It looks wonderful and we all hope Shelley makes a full and speedy recovery. We all went to the park together this morning and the weather was warm and sunny. Yossi spent most of his time going to and from the water fountain to water the ‘Ohana’ flowers which have really grown so much recently. The baby cabbages are no longer ‘babies’ but have grown to about 45 cms high with small yellow flowers on the top. Miya, Emily, Tokutaro and Gento all spent their time in the sand box making sand food for their friends and teachers. Nico, Noah and Beckett were drawing in the sand and playing catch and soccer with the ball. After we returned to the classroom we read a book in the library titled ‘Isabella’s secret’. A book about a little girl who meets some small fairies in her garden and then shrinks down to their size and is able to fulfill her wish and fly. She grows a pair of fairy wings which the children commented on as they look very similar to butterfly wings. On the cover the children noticed how there were several letter ‘b’s in the title. We then looked at the ‘Jolly Phonics’ page for the letter ‘b’ and Nico, Noah, Beckett, Oliver and Miya all pointed out objects that start with the sound e.g. boat, birds, bread, bat, ball, bridge etc. We then decided to make a giant capital B by folding a sheet of colored paper of our choice and then cutting a giant B from it. When we opened it up it looked just like the outline of a butterfly. We will add decoration to these later this week. We also were able to add some decoration to our 5th large plastic butterfly this morning and decided to use tape for this one. We found the easiest way to hold and cut the tape was to stick a small piece to the table and then hold the tape reel in one hand while cutting the tape with the scissors in the other hand. We then put the cut pieces on the butterfly and will add more ribbon and tape later this week. Have a good afternoon. Love from Darren, Kana, Goh and Sabine