Cherry blossom petals

We had a lot of time to do exercises and move our bodies today. We had our regular Kidfit programme inside and our time in the park, outside in the fresh air. We had a new instructor called Christine who has two little children of her own. She was a great teacher and we had a fun lesson with her. We are still learning about the skin and how we can protect it from the sun etc. We sang songs and we danced and did actions and even before the “down” time in our lesson, we were lying on the mat. Christine told us one thing new; she said that if we wear “flip flops”, we need to always walk and not run and they are not shoes for running in. We will try to remember this when the weather becomes warmer. Maybe our mums won’t let us wear “flip flops” and then we won’t have to think about this.

Outside we had fun in the park. The ground is covered in cherry blossom petals and the trees are already changing. Now we have to wait a whole year for the cherry blossoms to come back. Downstairs we had three activities to do this morning. The one activity was specifically targeted at our friends who have good manipulative skills with a pair of scissors. So Sophie did this one. There were pieces of paper with shapes on them, and she cut out a square. The other two activities were for all of us. At the small activity table, we had a tray with six compartments. Two compartments had pot pourri in them; two had glass beads and two had small stones in them. We each had three plastic cups and a plastic spoon and we tried to scoop the things into our cups. For some of us it was a little tricky however most of us managed to work slowly and carefully and we filled our containers up. We especially loved the shiny glass beads. The third activity was with coloured masking tape, scissors and white paper. We had to pull the masking tape; cut it or ask Shelley to cut it for us and then we pasted it on a piece of white paper. Upstairs, we went to the park early but just before we went outside. We selected some art materials that we wanted to use on our large butterfly that we made yesterday. We chose some more foam shapes, coloured feathers, sparkly shapes, mini cardboard tubes, coloured foil and stars. We drew cocoons using markers on the giant green work of art. We glued on our wire cocoons that we made earlier in the week and are enjoying watching the painting evolve over time. We keep on learning new things which we add to it. In the park, we collected sakura petals yesterday. So today we all decided to collect some which we would use for an activity. We each chose a background for our art works. We then put a lot of glue on the paper and sprinkled cherry blossom petals onto the glue. They stuck onto them. We are not sure what they will look like when we come back to school on Monday as they are flowers; flowers need water to survive but when they are glued onto a page they won’t have water. This will be something interesting to observe when we come to school on Monday.

Our story was called “Isabella’s Secret”. We realized that the title of the book was similar to our friend Isabelle’s name.

Love Shelley, Darren, Sabine, Goh and Kana