Karaoke Fun

This morning we welcomed Riena to the winter school classes. Riena is Yuta’s little cousin. She was very sure of herself and immediately got involved in playing with the others. The train set was in high demand with all of the children working together. Riena had a great time seeing which way the tracks took the trains by moving over the lever at the crossing. Then Daniel, Riena and Yuta wanted to move to the table for some art activities. They noticed the sparkly shapes, the tape, foam shapes and markers on the table with glue to attach them. They did a great job and made pictures of their own choosing. After snack time we went to the park which was a little cold but we soon warmed up by running and playing on the swings were also very popular and it was great to see Riena, Daniel and Yuta laughing so much After returning to the classroom we had our circle time where we looked at the days of the week, the date, the months, the year, the weather and the season. Our letter of the day was ‘Y’. The children all noticed that Yuta starts with Y. We then thought of some other words such as yo-yo, yellow, yarn, yogurt and yolk. The children then sang along with the actions to the song: I like to eat, eat, eat, yogurt and bananas, I like to eat, eat, eat, yogurt and bananas, I like to eat, eat, eat, yogurt and bananas, y,y,y,y,y. We all then had a try at writing the letter Y in the air with our fingers and then on the small whiteboards on the table with erasable markers. They did really well and produced some excellent writing. In the library we read the ‘alphabet rescue’ book and asked the children to identify letters of the alphabet as well as common objects that begin with the same sound. We then headed down to the second floor for a music session with Kana Sensei. First we did some rhythm work with our hands and feet and then played ‘pass the parcel’ so that Riena and Daniel could receive the candy microphones that the others received earlier in the week. Have a good afternoon, and for those whom today was their last day, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Kindest Regards, Darren and Kana