F for Finn

This morning the Lego house blocks and figures were very popular with the children. They were all playing together so nicely and built a wonderful house together. Ayaka and Haruka then decided to play a game together using the dice which involved them choosing and rolling 10 die at a time. They then had a look to see how many of the dice matched into pairs. The interest was then focused on the table activities where they noticed a whole selection of art materials for them to use. There was colored tape, sparkly shapes, glitter pens, markers and lots of stencils. They were able to create any picture of their choosing and will continue with the beautiful work later. After packing away all the toys and having snack we decided to head to the park early today. We took along lots of sand box toys as well balls for the children to play with. Making castles and cakes in the sand box was again popular today. After returning to the classroom we had a wonderful music session with Kana. We sang some songs and then were surprised to see that Kana had another present for playing ‘pass the parcel’. The parcel was a lot bigger and the children thought it contained beans as it was heavy and rattled when we shook it. We started playing and when the music stopped the children were amazed to find candy in the shape of microphones. The children then chose which song they wanted to sing. Upstairs we looked at the letter and sound for ‘F’ today. We found many words beginning with F including: fish, finger, fork, flag, fishing, frog etc. They then had the chance to try writing the lower case ‘f’ themselves. In the afternoon the children worked together on one giant letter ‘F’ which they were able to decorate in any way they wished using ribbon, tape, markers and sparkly shapes. It was a really fun day and although it was cold outside there was a lot of warmth amongst friends. Have a great afternoon, Kindest Regards, Darren and Kana