A Beautiful Sunny Day

We hope you all enjoyed the sunny weekend. We are very excited to start our new theme ‘Are you my mother?’ this week. We will be exploring different emotions this week and also talk about our physical traits and personalities similar to our mum and dad. We will also encourage children to read their life book to the class or they can bring in their family picture for show and tell. We will also be discussing about getting lost and what we do in that situation. After we finished our morning jobs, we went on to do some fun activities. On one table we had a craft activity set up. There was glue, heart shaped foam frame, sprinklers, pompoms and other sticky things. We used spatula to spread the glue on the frame and used various kind of sprinklers to stick on it. It was so fun to make this special frame as a surprise gift for our mum. Tomorrow we will continue the activity and add some more details to our craft work. On the other table we had different puzzles to solve. There were some smaller puzzles, a 40 piece puzzle and even a 100 piece puzzle. One of our friends started doing the 100 piece puzzle but found it hard to finish. So we worked together in a group and helped him to complete it. Hurray for team work!

On the carpet, we had some small world people and blocks. We used it to construct towers and castle. Then some of our friends decided to have a picnic with the small world people like police, postman, fireman, and others. So they set up a picnic mat and got food for them from the kitchen area. It was really funny when one of them pretended to feel sick after eating the picnic lunch and called a doctor for help. One child came dressed as a doctor and prescribed injection. The sick child suddenly felt better then and we all had a good laugh about it. Some of us also made vehicles from Lego blocks and requested the teachers to display it in the classroom for all to see. We are so proud of our work.

In the morning circle time we did the calendar and then Pauline played her ukulele and we sang many songs together. Music and movement is one of our most favorite activities. Thank you Pauline!

After snacks we went up to the pool for water play. Our teachers sprayed water on us and we pretended that it was raining. We also watered the plants and jumped in water pretending it to be muddy puddles. We were very excited for water play because last week was mostly rainy and we could play in the water for only 2 days. Hope the weather is better this week.

Sayaka began the second circle time by singing some Japanese songs like Hajimaruyo and Gu choki pa. Some of us knew the songs while the others tried to learn the words. After that Pooja introduced the theme of the week and read the book ‘Are you my mother?’ It is a story about a little chick that is looking for her mum who she has never seen before. After reading the book, we discussed if we look like our mum or dad. Some children thought they looked like mum and some believed they are more like dad. However some observed that they are like mum and hoped that they were like their daddy. We also discussed what to do in case we are lost. Some children suggested that we should stay close and make sure that we can always see our parents when we are playing in the park. A few of us remarked that we can stay where we are if we get lost and our parents can come find us. Some of us also thought that it’s a good idea to go to police or the nearest convenience store for help.


Thank you so much for a great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Summer School 2016