Mommy and Baby Animals

Hello everyone! Here we are again in Buds class. We definitely enjoyed playing with our friends and teachers. As we finished our morning jobs, we went further inside our classroom to find some wonderful toys and activities that we could do today. Chiaki was there to help us out in doing the hand print activity and we truly had a great time stamping and making patterns for our masterpiece. In our carpet area, we had some sensory toys and we had the mini sliding equipment, some curvy color abacus and the furniture toys on the floor. We just couldn’t stop exploring the whole time. We learn best in this kind of way. We also had a heart-shaped card and our teachers told us to color on them. There were Posca markers on the table and we slowly picked our own choice of color. The popular one was purple. We just loved saying purple and spread the colors all over our special card. After that, we used the glue and applied it slowly. Then, we put the feathers gently as we depicted each color. The sensory table was quite popular too. We got some sand and pieces of stones together with the mommy and baby animals. We sat down trying to scoop and sprinkle the sand on the toys. It was a great time to touch and feel different types of information that we’re getting from classroom environment. DSCN2522          We went upstairs for our water play time. We didn’t use the swimming pool but the water tub was filled with water and plastic balls. We got our bottles, watering cans and mirrors. We splashed and entertained ourselves during the session. One of us went to the other side and found the mega blocks. He spent a long time constructing or building a tower. We also counted some rocks on the floor. Most of us could count from one to ten already. We also watered the plants, our day was so busy! Great job, friends!

We went back downstairs and read a book about mommy and me. We then proceeded to our carpet area and learned about the baby and mommy animals. We saw some pictures of a puppy, a duckling, a kid and a foal. This was also a matching game for all of us. We took the other set of pictures and match to the baby pictures that we had on the floor. There were sheep, cat and cow and we already knew that they didn’t belong to any of these mommies. In the end, we figured out that the puppy is a baby dog, the duckling is a baby duck, the kid is a baby goat and the foal is the baby horse. It was a great time again in Buds class! Thank you so much, Ohana for the fantastic day! See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)