Friendship Day!

Dear Summer School parents,             What a great way to start our day again! Even the weather outside was still rainy; we felt that we’re still going to have a special day in our classroom. Gaby from Flowers class visited our classroom. She was so excited to see her friends and teachers again. After doing our morning jobs, we went to our activity tables and found some fun activities for today. On one table, we had the trays with frozen ocean animals. The chunks of ice were filled with various colors. While we used our hands and some kitchen utensils, our hands got a bit messy with the colors. We scraped and scraped until the ocean animals got out of the ice. We found trays of paint, paper plates, artificial leaves and sparkles on the table. Our teachers told us that we could paint our paper plates blue like an ocean. Hence, we could put the Rainbow Fish after painting. We also liked to put the sparkles and artificial leaves altogether. There were also some puzzles that we needed to finish right before we started our circle time. In our carpet area, we found some big Lego blocks and constructed our own vehicles so that we could move around our classroom.

            In our circle time, Pooja led our group and we talked about the special day that we were celebrating. She said that it’s our “Friendship Day”. We talked about our friends and some things about friendship. We told her that we love our friends and we like to play with them. Then, she said that we also had our special Friendship song today. John put out his guitar and started strumming his special music. Our friendship song went like this…

You are my friend

And I am your friend

We can share our love


Let’s hold our hands together

And sing this song with glee

Let’s clap and smile together

Our hearts are full of dreams

            After our song, we went to our snack tables. Our teachers surprised us with a tray of strawberry Jell-O! We also put out our own share of fruits for everyone. We mixed them all together as we passed the bowl along. We sang our “Fruit Salad” song from the Wiggles. After that, we had our own small bowls and put the fruit salad. Next, we did our gym class and started working on the basic stretching exercises. We also had the balancing activity and the obstacle course. It was amazing how some of us could balance the book on top of our heads. We also did a little yoga practice. Pooja taught us some postures and breathing exercises.

                 We also made our friendship tree and used the cut-out leaves and stuck them on our trees. We were asked who our friend was and why we liked them as well. Thank you so much for another great learning experience and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Summer School 2016