Finger Painting Fun

Dear Summer School parents, It was another fun and hot day today and we had a great time with our friends throughout. When we first entered the room we saw a big light coming from a box on the table. When we moved closer we saw the box had a light in the top and lots of sand, flowers, leaves, stones and pieces of driftwood on the glass surface. Alongside the light-box were a big magnifying glass and a special jeweler’s loupe for looking at very small things. We used these to look at the natural objects really close up. It was interesting to see the small grains of sand look so very big. It was also good to run our fingers through the sand and feel its crunchy texture. On the second table we saw some white paper and lots of colored paint. We couldn’t see any brushes however and wondered how we could put the paint on the white paper without using brushes. We then saw Pauline using her fingers to make a picture of a flower and the sun and decided this would be fun and did some wonderful finger paintings ourselves. On the second table we saw the big cork boards with hammers, small tacks and wooden shapes. It was fun making pictures using the wooden blocks and the little hammers and we were very proud of our work. In the carpeted area the dinosaurs and wooden blocks were very popular and we made up our own games using the small animal counters too. After packing away the toys we did some counting in different languages including: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and German. After eating our yummy snacks it was time for our water play. We were very excited and got changed quickly, put on our sunscreen and headed upstairs. It was very hot today and we all got wet, played with the ocean animals and bottles. We were very excited and had lots of fun splashing around with our friends. At the end we helped collect all the toys together and even helped tip out the water from the pool to dry for tomorrow. In circle time we looked at a great book with Pauline called ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ which showed a boy Oliver who visited his Grandma and Grandpa to stay. They had a big vegetable garden and although Oliver only wanted to eat ‘chips’ (French fries) he was persuaded to eat lots of other kinds of vegetables too. We saw many of the vegetables in our lunch boxes today too!

Have a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

All our love, Darren, Pauline, & Hisami