Leaves on the table

What a wonderful day! It’s a beautiful morning. We had some toys being prepared on the table and on the floor. First of all, we needed to do our morning jobs just right before we play. It was pretty good that some of our friends were able to do it especially the ones that came along a week ago. Little by little, we’re starting to get used to our routine and to be confident in and out of the classroom. On our tables, we had the connecting blocks and disks. Our teachers showed us how to make an airplane and we’re very amazed DSCN1937how they constructed it beautifully. Our kitchen play area was very busy too. Then, we imagined that we were cooking food for our friends and teachers. Our teachers were very appreciative of what we made for them. We also figured out that there were some new soft toys in the kitchen and we used them all. In our carpet area, we also had some constructing blocks and we loved making cars and boats using these materials.

Before heading out to the pool, we sang songs while our friends were preparing and putting on their swimming clothes. We also listened to the story of Fran’s flower: Grow flower, grow! The story was all about a girl who saw a flower pot. The flower pot had a growing bud and she said that she will take care and feed it until it grows. However, she was feeding the flower with pizza, spaghetti and milk. When she finally realized that it wasn’t growing at all, she threw the flower outside her backyard. The flower rolled onto the ground until the sunshine, air and water from the rain kept it sustained with nutrients. Then one day, Fran, together with her dog, went outside and played. To their surprise, they found a big beautiful flower. Both of them were excited to have a new friend flower.

We went to the pool upstairs. We greeted Maryna with a big hello and thanked her for having us in the balcony. The sun was up DSCN1965and it was shining so bright. We had some ocean animal toys to play with and of course, we enjoyed letting them swim and swim in the pool. One of our friends can recognize almost all of the sea creatures and our teachers were quite impressed by it. After half an hour, we prepared and headed to our classroom.

In our circle time, we talked about Jack and the beanstalk. It was the first time that we heard this story; hence, we were all ears while our teachers explained how the story went. Later on, we sang more songs together and enjoyed the rest our friends’ company and made our version of the beanstalk. We stacked the green Lego blocks altogether until it became so tall. Liezel and Sayaka took out the sensory table with dried leaves. We learned that most of the leaves were brown. There were leaves that have various shapes and patterns. It was a good sensory and learning experience for all of us. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)