Painting with Leaves

Good morning, friends and teachers! It was a nice day again at Ohana. Although the weather was a bit cloudy, we still had an amazing time playing with everyone. On our activity tables, we had the play dough and the special art for today. Many of our friends sat at the table with play dough and started making their own special figures. In the library, we also found some books about plants and flowers. Most of us got the Spot books as well because these are obviously our favorites. DSCN2056On our art activity table, we found some trays of paint and some leaves. We were wondering how we’re going to use them. Our teachers were so patient and showed us the way on how to use our leaves like paintbrushes.  We slowly dipped them in the paint and we started to spread the colors gently on our paper. The effect was so amazing and we have created wonderful patterns in our paper. In our carpet area, we also had some cars and maps. We all loved to move our cars around and imagined that we’re actually driving them. The kitchen was also very busy today. We took out some fruits and vegetables. We also liked to use the ice cream cups and pretended that we just bought some ice cream from the grocery store.

After our magnificent free play, we prepared for our park. While others were changing their swimming clothes, John read a book about Spot. The title was “Goodnight, Spot!” It was a funny book because Spot always liked to play with his friends and parents. When it was time to go to sleep, he said “goodnight” to everyone. Then, we went up to the balcony and enjoyed splashing and playing with the sensory toys from our buckets. We lined the stones up and counted them slowly. We then used some kitchen toys like cups and pitchers to splash water on our friends and teachers. There was also a bamboo xylophone and we tapped and tapped until we have created some good music.

We all went downstairs to our classroom for our circle time. Recently, we always imagine that we’re all driving our cars around the classroom. For example, we would get a round shape material like a plate or tray and then we moved and made a sound like driving our car using the steering wheel. So, we decided to give everyone some plastic plates and we all drove around while singing “The Wheels on the bus”.  Then, we also imagined that we went to the park and see the garden. When we arrived at the garden, our teachers asked us, “What can you see or find in the garden?” We were thinking and thinking until they showed the painting of a flower and some real plants too. Then, we slowly took all the leaves out and realized that there was stick holding all the leaves together. Our teachers asked us what the stick is called. Again, we thought about it for a long time and then our teachers told us that it was a stem. The stem holds all the leaves together. However, they showed us that the stem lost all his friend leaves; so what we did was we used the tape to stick all the leaves back to the stem  and hold them all again.

Thank you so much, Ohana for a fantastic day. See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)