Yummy wombat stew

We really wish the construction near our school will stop soon; in fact it is the deconstruction because they are trying to bash down the old building there behind the car park. The sound of the jack hammer bothers some of us and especially when it is rest or quiet time. Maybe they will complete breaking the old building up this weekend and next week, it will be quieter. Our day started with a lot of excitement as we saw a large tray filled with candy. There were many slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies, some spiders too, in fact, many worms and things that crawl and make your hair stand on end. We each chose a box and a handle and then wrote our names on the handle so we knew which one was ours. We then counted one spider, one sour worm, one long thin snake, one rubbery worm and a handful of mud (raisins) and put them inside our little pots. We closed our pots with a cover so that the ‘wombat stew’ could cook. We will take our pots and eat them at home……yummmm! We think that our ‘wombat stews’ will be


much more delicious than the one that the dingo made.

“Wombat stew, wombat stew

Ooey gooey, crunchy stewy

Wombat stew”.

We sang this throughout the day.

We made a card for Yukhei because today is his last day at Ohana International School. We loved him very much; his energy, his gently nature, his quiet soft voice, his guidance and help at all times, and he is really handsome and tall. We hope that one day he will come back to Ohana and play with us. Thanks Yukhei! We love you!

We gave Yukhei a card that we made. It was in the shape of a watermelon slice. Dominik, Kenichi and Hana wrote the letters on the card that spelled “Thank you, Yukhei”. When you opened up the card, there were pictures of all of our faces.

We wrote our names underneath our faces, so that Yukhei remembers us forever. Our teachers or some of our friends wrote our names, if we were not sure how to write them. We played a guessing game with the teachers in our class. They had turns to give us clues and we tried to guess what they were. Kai and Sofie also had turns to give us clues. We made a tower with the peg board blocks and when it became too tall, it fell over. We loved when it fell over and decided to put it on the floor as it was making such a big noise when it fell over on the table. Yukhei did some origami with us and made airplanes and balls. He helped us when we were drawing with stencils and we really, really will miss him. He told Shelley that on the first day, he wasn’t certain about everything but after two weeks, he was so happy and comfortable. He even learnt all of our names and loved his time with us

Thanks for a fabulous week of “Wombat Stew”. On Monday, Darren is back with Pauline and Hisami. Shelley will be downstairs in Buds Class with John and Liezel.

Love from all the children in summer school.