Yummy slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies

We were so happy to welcome some of our friends who we have not seen for a few days. We had so many activities planned in our class, since it was a rainy day and we couldn’t go to the park. We started off the day with many things at the tables. We were all going to be filling up our “billycans” with all the things that the animals told the dingo to put in his pot viz. water, mud, feathers, flies, slugs, bugs, creepy crawlies and gumnuts. We used paper in many colours and cut them into many shapes until we thought that we had put sufficient into them. We had so much fun and some of us spent a long time cutting the papers into really small pieces. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Part of the reason why we used scrap paper to make the things that we wanted to put into our “billycans” was because we needed to sort the troughs that we threw so many things into, the other day; for our pretend “wombat stew’’. While some of us were cutting paper to make our stews, some of us were sorting the things. We had to sort coloured matchsticks, rubber bands, alphabet beads, white plastic things, buttons, pom poms, shiny beads, wooden beads, fabric leaves and scrapes of paper. Shreyas, Lina and Dominik concentrated for a long time to sort them and filled the empty collage containers back with their rightful materials.

We did a fantastic dramatisation of the story with Kai as the dingo, Sofie as the emu, Jeremy as the platypus, Kenichi as the blue-tongued lizard, Jessica as the koala and Hana as the echidna. They all told the dingo that he needed to add things to the pot if he wanted to make a delicious stew. Each time they told him what to add to the pot, he said: “Righty ho, in they go”. Kai knew the words and said them each time. It was fun to have our friends tell the story to


us, using the stick puppets and their own words.

We will dramatise the story again tomorrow and tomorrow, being the last day of “Wombat Stew”, we will be making our very own stew using interesting edible things that we don’t usually eat at school…….yes, candy! Our teachers didn’t tell us exactly what we were going to be using for the edible stew but we had an idea that it could be candy. You will be amazed at the slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies that we cooked today. Hisami had a brilliant idea. She saw somewhere that you take raw spaghetti and together with small cocktail sausages, you create slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies or even other creatures. You cut the sausages in small pieces and break the spaghetti into smaller pieces. You then push the spaghetti into the sausage.

We made three pots of slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies because one was red, one was green and one was blue. We watched as the spaghetti became soft in the hot water and both the spaghetti and sausages changed colour. It was so much fun to make them and then see them once they were cooked. Of course some of us didn’t want to taste them and then some of us tasted them and realized that it


was once again, just the colour that made them different; the taste was the same.

We spent some time doing puzzles at the tables while some of our friends made their dingo, and koala stick puppet and Hisami played a musical game with us, using the floor piano. We walked on the notes and heard that we could play them this way. We moved a button on the piano and it made it sound like drums and other musical instruments e. g. violin, guitar, drums, trumpet etc. It was so much fun. Some of us were a bit scared to walk on the piano and make music with our feet. We didn’t know what was going to happen even though Hisami had demonstrated to us. We did a fun thing with the skeleton puzzle and covered Yukhei’s body with


the pieces. Then a few of us took some clothes from the dress up corner and we dressed the skeleton up. It was really funny.  Thanks for a wonderful day in Summer School. Tomorrow is Yukhei’s last day of Summer School with us and Shelley’s last day in Petals and Flowers Class as she will go and work in Buds Class from next week, and then she goes on vacation. We are looking forward to our fun last day together with all of our friends and teachers.

Love from all the children in summer school.