The Three Little Pigs

What a wonderful day! Mr. Sun is shining so bright again and we’re very happy to see our friends back at school. John just came back from his two-week vacation and it was nice to have him again in Buds class. It’s also nice to welcome our new friend Ayuko for her first day in class. We started our day smoothly and said bye-bye to our moms and dads. We headed straight to our classroom and did our morning jobs for today. We noticed some activities that we have on our tables. Liezel made some great sensory toys using the pig animals and the amazing houses she created for us. We certainly enjoyed discovering what we could do with them. She made three types of houses. All of them were made of milk cartons and covered them with some sheets of construction paper. Then, she stuck DSCN1389some shredded pieces of paper on the first house, some sticks on the second and cut out some colored sheets of paper that resembled like bricks. When we played with these toys, we really liked to touch and feel the sides of the houses and to see the difference between the textures of each house had.

We also welcomed Miyu to our class today. She used to be in Darren’s class eight years ago and it was quite amazing how she grew up so tall according to her previous teachers. Thank you so much for helping us today and thank you for creating a wonderful farm made of wooden blocks and surely, our toy animals enjoyed the whole play experience in our classroom. We definitely had a great time playing with you in Buds. After our free play time, we went to the carpet and had our short circle time with John. We sang our morning songs and asked each of one how they feel today. Most of us replied that we’re very happy and some said that they were sad or mad. John brought a story book about The Three Little Pigs. We were very interested and listened very carefully the whole time. We are going to learn more about this story in the coming days as we go along with the activities and adventures that we’re going to experience this week.

Today was Miyashita sensei’s last day for the school term. We are still going to see by next term and we’re always excited to have him in the classroom. We did our gym class in Buds class and we’re so thrilled to move around and did some simple warm-up exercises. We did some stretching, jumping, crawling and running around the classroom. We also did some usual workout routines for the day and the highlight of our lesson was to roll over the mat. With the guidance of our teachers, we were able to perform the challenging task. Still, we enjoyed everything that we have done with Miyashita-sensei. After our gym class, we ate our snacks and went to the fish pond. We didn’t go to the park because the weather was too hot. It was nice to stay in the shade the whole time.  Around the pond, you can find some trees that covered us while we were looking at the fishes under the water. We spent for about ten minutes looking for the big fish and some baby fishes and then headed back to our classroom. While waiting for our teachers to help us wash our hands, we sang some lovely songs with Shelley. It was really nice to sing and dance to these new songs and we would love to sing more with her.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)