Lego Wall Names

Dear Flower Class parents, On the carpet today we saw a big floor puzzle we haven’t seen in a while of a life size skeleton. The pieces are easy to put together and we were soon able to complete it and lie down next to it. On the tables several of us were able to start decorating our masks with a scaly pattern. Some of us are going to be snakes in the performance next week and we used some printed paper which we tore into pieces to decorate them. We also attached the elastic to the sides of the masks so they will fit perfectly on our heads. On the second table the play-dough and Mr. Potato head activity was again fun with some of us making funny aliens with 4 eyes and arms. The Lego wall was popular too today with many of us using the blocks to make copies of our own names. It was a little more difficult than we thought mainly because the blocks are all straight and our names contain curves. We left the blocks on the Lego wall today and we hope to continue adding more blocks tomorrow morning. We built some nice towers with the wooden Kapla blocks on the carpet in a square pattern today. It was fun to see how high we could build the towers. The big green star cushions were lots of fun today and we enjoyed jumping from star to star and incorporated the toy cars and soft toys into our play too. After packing away the toys and art materials we made our usual circle on the carpet and practiced singing the Ohana song. We did something a little different today and had a quick test to see who were the best singers; the boys or the girls. It was very close and decided it was a draw overall. Once we had eaten our yummy snacks and drank lots of water we headed for the park. It was nice and warm in the park today and we enjoyed using the sand toys, the slide and the swings too. We made sure we had our sunscreen and bug spray on before we left the school as we have seen lots of bugs recently and the sun has been strong. In circle time we did a quick review of last week’s phonics class where we looked at the sound for ‘ch’. We thought of words such as; ‘cheese’, ‘chicken’ and ‘choo-choo (train)’. Today we also combined two sounds and looked at ‘sh’. We thought of several words such as ‘sheep’, ‘shoes‘, ‘ship‘ and ‘shop‘. We then moved to the table to practice writing the letters in our special phonics notebooks. We also managed to draw some pictures to go with the sound for ‘sh’ which we colored afterwards.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan