I can................

We spent the morning thinking a lot about the things that we can do and have learnt since being in Petals Class. We sat with Shelley individually and said “I can…..” you will see the many things that we thought about in our books. Some examples are “I can run, jump, swing, slide, read my name, help my friends, draw, paint, cut……..” For some of us it was a little challenging however we eventually found our way and all contributed to our “I can…..” page. We will complete them on Monday when some of our friends return for our last week together in Petals Class. We also made tassles for our bookmarks with sparkly yarn. We used the small punch to make one hole and threaded the yarn through the hole. Then we cut the yarn and placed the bookmark inside our books. Some of our books are fully complete and we just have to tie


them together with our new school Year Book, using colourful ribbon; and then we are all set.

We spent some time drawing, using coloured pencils and enjoyed making whatever we wanted to. While we were drawing Shelley was sitting with some of our friends asking them what they can do, so we could join in the conversation a little.  We also threaded beads onto the pipe cleaner trees and enjoyed building with Lego, dressing up, working in the office and reading in the library. We like this time, when we can socialize with our friends, create friendships, and start our day at mostly our own pace.

When our teachers called us to come and do an activity, this morning, we were really happy to go and sit with them and see what we were going to do together. Quality times like these are really precious for us.

Sharee sat with some of us and we spoke about our bodies and all the parts that we have. We then drew ourselves using lead pencils, just like our friends did yesterday. Hisami measured and weighed us and we put our weight and height on these pages, comparing them our weight and height at the beginning of the year.

We read a fabulous story called “Rosie’s Walk”. There were only three colours in the illustrations and they were quite simple. There was also very little text. The fox chased the hen as it wanted to eat her, but it encountered many obstacles along the way; which the hen didn’t even notice. The hen just kept on walking, oblivious to what was happening to the fox. We had many suggestions and thoughts, while we were looking at the pictures and we shared them loud and clear with our teachers. At one of the tables we played with animals and containers. We really love the plastic animals and spend a long time playing with them, talking to them and imagining that they are real. Sometimes we experience conflict with our friends and our teachers just watch us to see how we resolve it and get back to playing co-operatively. When we did our class roll today, instead of being food, we were animals. Taiyo was a tiger, Yurika was a yak, Rupert was a rabbit etc.

Thanks for another fun day at Ohana. It was a beautiful sunny day today.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.