Trees, leaves, branches and roots

It’s great that the weather was pretty good today. We waited for all of our friends to come to Ohana before we set off for our park time. We’re very excited to go there because yesterday was raining so hard. We finished doing our jobs and proceeded to get some toys to play with. It was nice to see the Mr. Potato Head and the cars on our carpet area. Some of us lined up all the cars on the map and our teachers were very curious about what we were doing. We told them that our map was our car park or parking lot and we parked all our buses, cars and vans there. Then, one friend of ours took a big truck and he said that the truck was going around and around. So, we sang “The wheels on the truck go round and round”. It was pretty funny so most of us copied our friend by moving all the cars that we can find around the classroom. DSCN0564For our art activity, Liezel prepared some mini-trees from yesterday. However, she had to stay in Petals today so John and Sayaka helped us out with this activity. Under the trees, we found some beads to put on the pipe cleaners. It was great to see how we practiced our fine motor skills again until we didn’t need much help from our teachers. Beading and lacing are some of the usual activities that we do in Buds. This really helps us to develop our tracking skills and hand-eye coordination. Afterwards, it was a beautiful art to see. We weren’t able to finish all but we’re looking forward to do it again in the next few days.

We had our picnic again. We brought our snacks and ate our food at the park. It was a good weather because it was really not so hot outside. The sun was shining but some clouds were covering it. Then, we played around the park because it was only us who were there. It was actually fun to have the park only for Buds. Sometimes, we really have to be careful so that all of us can be safe.

We got back from the park. Our teachers told us if we could take our smocks off by ourselves. Some of us were able to do it but others really needed some help. We also read a book about different seasons and we saw that the maple tree keeps on changing its appearance for every season. We learned the parts of the tree and they were leaves, branches, tree trunks and roots. We just like to thank Liezel for preparing all of these things.

Thank you so much, Ohana for a fantastic day. See you all again tomorrow! Have a great day!

Lots of love, All the children from Buds class 2015-2016