Yoga Practice

Dear Flower Class parents, This morning when we came into the classroom we came into the classroom we noticed that many of the pieces of furniture and the toys had been moved around to make a big space in the carpet area. We soon realized that we could use all the big open space for play and practicing for our special play. On the carpet were 5 large exercise mats with stars which we had fun lying on and jumping from 1 to the next. We also saw the clear easel that we haven’t seen for a while and used some whiteboard markers on them to draw pictures today. On the main table we saw the big table cover for the water table on the 3rd floor. The cover has 6 tray sections now and we could use any of them we wanted on the table today. We could choose from 1. Ball Maze 2.Mirrors with marbles 3.Fake bugs and magnifying glasses 4. Small dinosaurs & grass 5. Ball Run sections and finally 6. Natural objects like pine cones, driftwood etc. We enjoyed seeing the new trays and could use them to experiment with. On the main table we continued to make our papier-mâché masks for the end of year performance. The imaginative area on the carpet was again very popular this morning with many of us pulling out picnic food, crockery and materials so that we could pretend to go on a picnic together. We saw the doctors play tools in the box and we were soon giving each other play injections and even Pooja got sick so we had to treat her too. After clearing away the toys we all sat in a circle and tried some balancing exercises first and then had our yummy snacks. After snack time we all played one of our favorite games together on the carpet- ‘Freeze’. We listened carefully to the music and as soon as it stopped we needed to ‘freeze’ our bodies in place. It was funny that the teachers were trying to make us laugh lots and lots so that we would move. We had several winners for the freeze games and then moved onto another of our favorites: Musical Chairs. Some of us were unsure how to play this game and so we started off talking about how to play this safely so our friends wouldn’t get hurt. We all tried really hard and had lots of fun just playing together. In the final part of or circle time we practiced the order for our special graduation day presentation and then luckily Pooja showed us how to do some wonderful Yoga poses on the carpet. It was very relaxing and we had a lot of fun. We are proud of what we can do with our bodies. Thank you Pooja.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline and Ryoan