1, 2, 3, 4, go.....rilla

Once again, you could hear our voices during our gymnastics lesson especially when Miyashita sensei said “1, 2, 3 gorilla”. We get so excited and even though we feel a mixture of emotions, possibly, happiness and fear, we scream and are driven to be in the game fully. We were happy to have gymnastics today, as we are every Monday. Today was especially important because we couldn’t go outside, as the ground in the park was really wet. This was our time to run around and be active. After our gymnastics lesson, we took advantage of all of the furniture being out of the room and did one rehearsal for our end of the year party. Our teachers wanted us to see how the classroom would look and where we would stand or sit etc. We went through our routine for “Are you my mother?” and then sang “Love is something”, “Skinnamarink”, “I am special”, “Ohana school song”, “Who stole the cookies”, “I am a little flower”, “Do a dear”, “1, 2 buckle my shoe”. We enjoyed doing the rehearsal and are extremely well prepared for our last day together as this year’s Petals Class children.

We have been making our names using individual letters and copying the order of the letters from our names that we place on the magnetic board. We took time to put them in the correct order and then we pasted them into our books. We have been doing this for a while and will continue until all of our friends completed theirs. This week will see us doing some of the same art projects on a few days because we have to prepare our gifts for our mums etc. Our teachers have already prepared our gifts which we are really excited about……even though we are not sure what they are!

Shelley sat with us together with the small art works from our large art project. We went to the shelf and chose many different things to paste on our pages. We used white glue  because some of the collage materials needed strong glue. We chose feathers, coloured mosaic pieces, foam shapes, coloured tape, shiny tape, irregular shapes plastic pieces. Our art works started off as a group art project but they ended off being individual art works.

During our gymnastics class we did our regular warm up exercises where we try to walk like a bear, on all fours, we walk around the room like people, we run around the room like people and we try to do bunny jumps. We have been doing somersaults every week and are trying different techniques with them. We started off using two hands to support our bodies as we rolled over; then we tried to stand up without using hands and today we tried to use only one hand on the mat.

As you can see from these photos we had some visitors from Flowers Class. We love it when our siblings and friends come and join us in our class. Miyu used to be in Petals Class so she knows our class well and Wes, sometimes spends after school care in Petals Class so he too knows our class. They stayed for a while this morning and then went upstairs for the rest of the day. They are going to be leaving Ohana International School this year, so maybe they want to experience as much as they can, before they leave. We hope that they will come again.

Love always, all the children in Petals Class.